10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business


After all these years, it goes without saying that video marketing is possibly the most effective marketing tool for brands. Videos have the ability to engage their audience more proactively and creatively.

This results in better engagement and lead generation over time. People prefer to watch videos than read a large block of text that is promoting a product. Due to the very high ROI, almost 66% of B2C marketers use video marketing in 2021.

Videos can be of different types – video interviews, tutorial videos, presentations, product demos, and reviews, etc. Regardless of the kind of video you upload, a good video marketing strategy goes a very long way. If you run a small business, then video marketing can help you expand over time. Why is it so? Let’s find it out in today’s blog.

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  1. Increase Brand Awareness – 

Brand awareness is one of the key elements that can make or break a business. If people are not aware of your brand and what it does, then there’s no way you will expand your business. For a small business, it is essential to growing its customer base in the future. What’s the best way of letting people know what you do? It is video marketing. Videos can be very effective in expressing your company’s values and ideas.

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  1. Videos Work Well With Google – 

The world’s most famous and biggest search engine is Google. To increase and improve your organic reach in the world of the internet, it is essential to optimize your videos for the search engine. If you do it right, then there’s nothing to stop a potential rise in your website’s organic traffic. Very well optimized videos can channelize healthy traffic of potential customers to your business.

So, you should focus on optimizing your videos for Google. Add keywords in the video description and use hashtags. These two can help your videos get better rankings as well. Avoid adding too many advertisements, or else it will result in poor watch time, which directly affects your Google search engine rankings.

  1. Video Attracts Social Shares – 

Social media work well if you know how to use them. People prefer to share videos, and video watch time is massive these days. That clearly tells you that people share and watch videos almost every year. Videos can hook the audience because of their content, and that is they love to share such good videos. If your followers share your video more, then it’ll attract more people from towards the brand.

  1. Better Conversion Rate – 

Converting audiences into consumers can be a tricky task for many brands, especially small businesses. Once a set of people have visited your brand website by watching your videos, you can turn them into potential customers. You’ll need videos once again. Videos can convince and help people realize if they need a product or not.

Product reviews, testimonials, and “How To” work best in such cases. If you can create one such video properly, it will help you persuade the customer to buy a product from your website and increase conversion rates.

  1. Customers Love Videos – 

As a brand, you must develop content that people love. More than 92% of the audience online love watching videos. YouTube, the world’s best video-sharing platform, has more than 2 billion active users every month.

So, that tells you a lot about the kind of love people have for videos. That is why, when you create useful, informative, and entertaining videos, it helps your audience to be happy with your content. It helps to retain them for a longer period.

  1. Helps You Build Trust – 

The trust between a brand and its audience is the foundation of any business in this world. If you are running a business, you already know how much people give importance to honesty and trust.

If your brand falters to establish good trust between the audience, then your business can never be a success. Videos help to build trust. They can show the human side of your brand and record testimonies of previous customers.

  1. Build Emotional Connections – 

Have you ever wondered why the top brands in the world continue to expand their business and audience even after such a long time? It is because the people are emotionally connected with them.

Videos help you convey your tone, expressions, theme, attitude, and a lot of other elements. All of them together help to build a great emotional connection between the people. If you successfully set up an emotional connection, your brand will surely get a good amount of conversions sooner or later.

  1. Better ROI – 

Videos have the capability to deliver the highest ROI when compared to the other medium of marketing in this world. A better ROI means you have enjoyed exquisite results against what you had invested. It indeed takes more effort, budget, and time to create videos than writing a block of text. But, at the same time, videos can attract more people. 

70% of marketers agree with this point and believe that videos can better impact the common people. Videos result in more engagement, drive more traffic, and are easily memorable in the long run. That is why brands focus on video marketing so much.

  1. Can Be Done Almost Free – 

Videos are cost-effective in the long run. Also, promoting videos is almost free because you just need to upload them on your social media handles. There’s no other cost that is involved here. Your small business will get huge exposure in the market via video marketing.

When you promote your brand with visually attractive content, people are more attracted to them. You can create different videos using free editors like InVideo.

That is why people will come to know about your products and their services for free. If you want to increase your awareness, then video marketing is your best bet in 2021.

  1. Videos Can Entertain People – 

Let’s be honest. Texts are boring, and you cannot keep reading about a brand via large chunks of text. Videos, on the other hand, are much more capable of entertaining people. The overall audio and visuals help to entertain them. More than 60% of users online spend at least 2 minutes watching a video before buying a product. The use of video is the best way to get a better CTA.

So, these are the top benefits you can get from video marketing for small businesses.

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