16 Flowery Reasons to Work With Your Local Chicago Florist

If you’re looking up flowers, you may or may not know that the Rafflesia Arnoldii, also known as the, has the world’s largest bloom. You can find it in the rainforests of Indonesia. 

While you don’t need the world’s largest bloom to impress those you love, you’ll still want to give money to your local Chicago florist. Why should you shop locally and head to a florist? Read on to explore these top flowery reasons to not only impress but make others feel special today!

  1. Clean Flowers

When you go to pick up flowers in your city, it can be a way to clean the air of your home or apartment. This is due to plants having a large percentage of oxygen that they give off. They’re a great way to improve the natural look of an environment as well. 

  1. Compliment Your Home

A lovely floral arrangement can come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They’re a great way to rethink the look of your home. You can also choose different bouquets based on your personality. 

  1. Wedding Bouquets

When you’re shopping for flowers by occasion, many choose fresh flowers for their wedding. Think of your design style and the colors at your wedding when you speak to your local florist. 

Whether you’re going for a modern, traditional, or rustic style, let them know. They can also go over the right styles of flowers that’ll work well during that time of the year. 

Ask them if they can create a sample arrangement before your big day. There might be a fee for this. 

Think about the flower colors that’ll go with the color scheme of the room where you’ll be married as well. See what type of vases they suggest for floral arrangements that’ll be on the tables. 

Flower designers can even include flowers on your cake. Speak with them and see if they’ll work with your cake decorator if it’s necessary. 

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  1. Budget

Many choose local florists instead of a chain since the price might be more reasonable. Before you speak with florists in your area, think about how much you’ll be able to afford. Find out whether there are delivery fees, and how long it’ll take them to set the floral arrangements up for special occasions. 

  1. Less Time

When you choose a local florist, you can have your bouquet in less than 24 hours. Whereas, if you order online, you have to wait for the floral arrangement to arrive. 

Many work with local farmers which is a more eco-friendly option. You’ll still have the option to search by style, flowers, and occasion. 

  1. Better Quality

Local flowers tend to last longer and be fresher on arrival. When you choose grocery stores, you’ll find that the flowers tend to be lower-grade. At grocery stores, they’re often shipped from other locations and have been cut long before they arrive. 

When you choose a local store, you’re more likely to have flowers that are cut to order. This means that you can enjoy the blooms for a longer period of time.

  1. Support Local

When you shop locally, you know that you’re helping members of your community. Many local businesses like to donate to different events and nonprofits in their area as well. 

  1. Personal Touch

When you shop locally, they’re more likely to get to know your different tastes and preferences. This can allow you to receive the satisfaction that you desire when it comes to a bouquet’s personal touch. 

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

Shopping local means that it requires less transportation. Instead of going on a big truck from one city to another, you’re doing your part by avoiding harmful emissions. 

  1. Creates Jobs

When you choose local, you’re boosting the local economy which can lead to more jobs. They can hire local professionals in order to stimulate the economy. 

  1. Strengthen Bonds

Whether or not you see your family much, flowers are a great gift to strengthen bonds. Flowers are a great way to express your love for those that you care about. A local florist can help you pick out the right floral arrangement for the occasion. 

  1. Set the Tone

Visit a local florist to have them help you pick out the right floral arrangement. This can help you set the mood for different events. 

  1. Better Service

When you choose a local florist, they’re dedicated to making sure that you’re happy with your floral arrangement. They can actually make a connection with you and remember you next time that you come in. Local florists can also work with you for quick deliveries, arrangements, and special occasions. 

  1. Receive Discounts

Some local flower shops will give certain customers discounts. Whether you’re a regular, senior citizen, or in the military, you might be able to score a great discount. 

  1. Recycle Options

If you decide that you don’t want to keep the vase that came with your bouquet, many local florists will allow you to recycle it with them. They’ll reuse it for future floral arrangements. 

  1. Speak to a Local

Instead of speaking to someone over the phone or ordering online, you’ll be able to speak to a local and bond with them. You’ll also have more customization options. 

The Top Reasons To Choose a Chicago Florist

After exploring this guide, you should be able to see the top reasons to choose a Chicago florist. Take your time picking out the right florist for your needs and make sure that they give you the right floral bouquet.

Would you like to read more floral content? We can help! Check out our other articles on our site today. 

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