23 Birthday Ideas For Him That He Will Totally Appreciate

If you’re looking for a 23-something dude and want to get him something thoughtful and special, don’t stress over trying to figure it out! We’ve compiled the cool 23 birthday ideas for him he’s sure to have heart eyes for. No more wasting time, let’s get started!


A t-shirt with an impressive design is a good choice as a practical birthday gift. It is suitable for any occasion and you can wear it both at home and on the street. When seeking gift of the month ideas or unique birthday gifts, take a look at the TShirt At Low Price. 

There are a lot of lovely gift ideas here, including gorgeous t-shirts with memorable quotes. The sayings printed on the shirt can be any theme: funny, cool, cute, meaningful, satirical or animal lovers, etc.

Coffee Mug

What can you give a boyfriend who likes to drink coffee every morning? A cute mug to help him enjoy his favorite coffee! Made of 100% ceramic and hilarious design, it is sure to surprise him.

Featuring the funny saying “Rose Are Red Violets Are Blue All My Naughty Thoughts Involve Me And You” and the couple human figure, this mug is a perfect choice for people who love funny things, would love to express their personality, are finding a funny mug to show their love for your partner! Add this gift to the list of 23 birthday ideas for him.

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Share a Birthday Drink

This chic twisted decanter set will be a perfect gift for whiskey lovers. He won’t be able to take his eyes off this stunning, personalized set as soon as he opens it on his 23rd birthday. He can use this set to enjoy his favorite wine or drink. 

When not in use to pour a few drinks for you and your loved ones, this set makes the perfect addition to your bar cart, home office, bar cart or lounge area. This decanter set would be one of the excellent 23 birthday ideas for him.

Skincare Fridge 

A skincare fridge is a cool 23 birthday gift idea for someone that keeps up with their skincare routine. While it can be a bit pricey, it is a perfect way to store your skincare. You can easily adjust the temperature of your products, and get a new way to organize them. It’s small enough to fit on your bedroom or bathroom counter, yet will still fit all your essential skincare products.

Friendship Scroll Box

A little friendship box is a wonderful way to bring some joy to your friend on their 23rd birthday. It is filled with meaningful friendship quotes in cute wrapped scrolls that he can open whenever he needs a pick-me-up. You can buy this box at stores or also make it your own, making it more special and personal. It will be one of the most special gift of the month ideas for him. 

You Are My Sunshine Sunflower Phone Case

Sunflowers often symbolize courage and optimism. The yellow color of the petals is like a reflection of the tongue of a burning flame, which can evoke in people a happy mood, creativity and high determination.

Designed with interesting meanings and the saying: “You Are My Sunshine”, this phone case became one of the sentimental 23 birthday ideas for him. It promises to shake anyone who sees it. Moreover, phone cases are not expensive, suitable for people of all ages and genders, both a practical gift and a unique gift.

Picture Collage 

A picture collage is a memorable and meaningful gift that anyone can cherish on their birthday. Share all your favorite memories with him on his special day. He will have fun reminiscing and will appreciate the time and effort you put into making a special gift for him. This will be a thoughtful gift that everyone will love, making it a special gift he will treasure forever.

A Cool New Grill for His Birthday

Is your man a foodie or has always wanted a grill? This year, give him a convenient portable charcoal/gas grill! Shaped like a classic utensil, he’ll love being able to grill some hot dogs or steaks whenever he wants. You can turn it into a complete birthday gift and give him a set of grilling tools or spices! If he is into cooking, this one will be great to add your list of 23 birthday ideas for him.


This list has compiled the unique 23 birthday ideas for him, and hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration from here. It may just be one day, but it only comes once a year, so make the most of it! Enjoy these celebrations to be with your loved ones!

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