3 Easy Ways to Get A Good Start in Living A Plastic-Free Lifestyle


A phrase that has been thrown around and politically used without making any sensible change is “Zero Waste”. Maybe it’s time to give a better understanding of this important movement to save our planet. Zero waste means we need to change our lifestyle and redesign the life cycles of the products we patronize for them to be recycled and repurposed. Zero-waste means you need to start patronizing products that are bought at a  plastic free online store. This movement’s ultimate goal is to avoid sending trash to landfills, incinerators that continue to damage our planet as we speak. 

But the biggest question is, can we live our life without the use of plastic? It all depends on your lifestyle, your environment, and your routine. The best action we can take right now is to minimize the use of plastic as much as possible. But how? If you’re eager to learn, we’ve listed some valuable tips to help your zero waste practices a lot easier. 

  1. It’s Not an Overnight Change. So, Don’t Rush. 

Do not apply all the changes on your first day of practicing zero waste. It will just frustrate you. When you try to force and apply all the changes, you’re likely ending up emptying your refrigerator, pantry, and bathroom, considering most of the products you use are stored in plastic containers. 

There’s nothing to worry about if most of the stuff you use daily is stored in plastic. So, you need to adapt to the changes slowly by purchasing non-disposable containers for each section of your house. You can either start replacing plastic containers either in your bathroom, pantry, kitchen, or garage. 

There are tons of alternative plastic-free containers out there that are wonderfully designed and very affordable. 

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  1. Repurpose Things in Your Home 

If you’ve emptied your bottle of wine or a tub of ice cream, don’t you ever throw them away. Instead, repurpose these things by using them for other stuff. Your empty wine bottle can be an excellent water bottle, while your ice cream tub looks nice as a pot for your plants. 

Repurposing means that the non-biodegradable stuff you’re not using doesn’t end up in landfills. Instead, you give them a new life and a new purpose. It’s a nice idea to think first the best way to repurpose the container or packaging of the products you’re about to buy.

  1. Adopt The 80/20 Rule

Plastics nowadays are biodegradable, but not all. A theory widely used by people who follow the zero-waste movement that 80% of the common plastics we use are easy to get rid of while the rest are the solid plastics that need repurposing or recycling. It would help if you started segregating plastics that are easy to decompose from the ones that aren’t easy to decompose. 

Practicing plastic segregation makes you more organized, and it gives you an easier time identifying the plastics that can be repurposed and get thrown away. But it would be best to buy your stuff next time in a plastic free online store.

Starting a zero-waste lifestyle is not that easy, considering that most of the products we use today still uses plastic. But, changing your lifestyle for the betterment of our planet is already a huge leap. All of us started at some point or someplace, and you’ll never notice how far you’ve already come. 

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