3 Online Best File Converter To Transform Word to PDF

Most people prefer a Portable Document Format or PDF when sharing important documents from one device to another. It can be easily forwarded using any messaging or emailing services and can be stored on Cloud-based storage. PDFs offer the best graphic integrity as it preserves the layout and format of a document, regardless of what type of device is being used to view it. 

This is why PDF is also the most used document format in the business world, schools, and in any field. They prefer PDFs rather than Word formats that can easily be corrupted, messed-up, and adjusted because Word documents adapt to the device being used. So you must know how to easily convert your Word files into PDFs before sharing. Don’t worry because if you lack a document conversion tool, we lay down the three best Word to PDF converter free of charge that you can use 24/7 anytime, anywhere!

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Use Gogopdf!

PDFs are easier to be read and viewed on your laptops, computers, and smartphones without sacrificing their quality. In urgent situations, it can be a hassle if you do not know any trustworthy file converters. Luckily, there are already lots of Word to PDF converters on the internet, and for the first stop, we encourage you to try Gogopdf and enjoy their trustworthy, efficient, and excellent services for free.

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Gogopdf is a free-online platform that quickly turns Word files into PDFs. They maintain the quality of your document and preserves all of its contents, making sure that it has a high level of accuracy. The best thing about Gogopdf is that they protect the safety and security of their users by deleting all the uploaded files in their server an hour after the conversion process. So you do not have to worry about your important files being out of hand. You can always enjoy and access their web-based service as it operates with Windows, Mac, Linux, and other major computer operating systems. Access their site using browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer! Here is a quick tutorial on how to convert your Word file into PDF using Gogopdf:

  1. Upload your PDF file

You can get your Word document directly from your file manager, or you may use their Drag and Drop option easily found at the center of their web-interface. Gogopdf is also a Cloud-friendly platform, so if your Word file is stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox, do not worry because you can easily upload it to their website.

  1. Just wait until the conversion process is done.

As simple as it sounds, the only thing that you have to do next is to wait until the Gogopdf has done all the work for you. 

  1. Download the converted file.

Once the conversion process is over, download it to your computer, or you can also share it with others right away. You can copy the link they have provided and share it with your professor, boss, or friends on any social media accounts!

Use PDFBear

PDFbear also has the efficiency to convert your word files to PDF right away. Same with Gogopdf, PDFBear also ensures the utmost quality of the converted files. This is also a Cloud-friendly and a user-friendly platform, as they also promise to delete files in their server after it has been generated for download. It also works on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux and is accessible on any device. The conversion process that they offer is also quite simple and easy. Here is a quick guide for you:

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  1. Upload your PDF file

Just like GogoPDF, you can also get your Word document directly from your device, or you may opt to use their Drag and Drop feature to add a little convenience for you. You can also select files from your Dropbox, and the download will instantly start.

  1. Just wait until the conversion process is done.

PDFBear will scan your Word file, and all you have to do is wait for the process and convert it into PDF format.

  1. Download the converted file

At last, after the conversion process, download your file to your computer and share it right away with others using the link they have generated for you! You can also download it to your Dropbox as you want or share it via email. See how they convert Word to PDF like magic?

Use Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another free online tool to convert your Word files to PDF. This is easily accessed on any device with any operating systems. They also have a privacy policy that ensures the safety of their users, by destroying all files uploaded to their servers. Just like Gogopdf and PDFBear, Smallpdf also offers a way for their users to maximize this tool free of charge. If you want to use their site, you might want to follow these quick steps: 

  1. Upload your file.

You can also easily upload your file in Smallpdf, and the tool will automatically and instantly transform it into PDF.

  1.  Do desired changes with the file.

If you feel like you want to compress, edit or modify the output file, Smallpdf has this feature if deemed necessary.

  1. Download the PDF

 Afterward, you can download it either to your device or export it to your Cloud-storages like Dropbox and Google Drive as you wish!


Digitally sharing files has been the new form of sharing documents with other people. Ironically, even if it was done electronically, you should also think about what format of the file to use. The best option is no other than PDFs. Just stumble upon the three online conversion tools we recommend, and you are good to go!

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