4 Best Natural Beauty Blogs - 2021

4 Best Natural Beauty Blogs – 2021

by Rohan Mathew

These 4 natural and organic beauty bloggers have a way of simplifying the complicated components and products that make up the beauty market, so if you’re drawn to basic, natural beauty products and searching for inspiration to “green” your beauty regimen, look no further. From ‘Organic Bunny’ to100% PURE’ all best blogs covering natural beauty are organised below.

  1. Organic Bunny

Best Natural Perfume

These fragrances, which are inspired by several tropical islands in Asia, emit uplifting and distinctive floral aromas thanks to the millions of flower petals that go into each one! Each client who has put their faith in me and tried them out has sent me notes saying how surprised they were that they were as good as I stated. Trust me, these are IT!

Want to give them a try but aren’t sure where to begin? The combo set is the best option for me because I love wearing all handfuls and it’s a fantastic price, but here are notes on each of the fragrances to help you select your new, 100% Natural trademark smell!

  1. Formula Botanica

Natural Beauty Trends On Pinterest

Pinterest is an essential visual search engine and a great place to learn about the newest beauty trends, with over 300 million monthly engaged viewers There are millions of accessible entries on Pinterest, thanks to user-generated content from both people and companies (large and small), who may be pinning between 10 and 30 new ‘Pins’ each day. Because beauty is such a visual business, it’s easy to understand why Pinterest is the go-to spot for keeping up with the newest trends.

It’s much more than that for independent beauty. Before we look at Pinterest as a marketing tool for independent beauty companies, let’s take a look at why it’s so excellent at anticipating and pointing to beauty trends.

  1. Nourished Life

Happy healthy skin in 3 simple steps with Life Basics

It might be tough to know where to start when putting together a daily skincare routine with so much lovely, natural skincare accessible now (and so much information out there!) so we’re going back to basics. The Life Basics line was created to demonstrate how simple it is to attain healthy, attractive skin through natural means. It just takes three easy steps to refresh your present skincare regimen, convert to natural, toxin-free products, or start from scratch if you’re a total skincare newbie wondering where to begin!

  1. 100% PURE Beauty Blog

The Best Natural Body Acne Treatments

Acne on the body tends to flare up in the summer, especially in regions that become sweaty and greasy, such as the back and chest. On days when you want to wear a low neckline or a flirtatious backless number, body acne may be a nightmare, but worry not: we have a range of treatments in our repertoire to combat these pesky pimples. You’ll erase your ugly blemishes in no time using clever plant chemistry, DIY techniques, and a little education, so you can flaunt your basic summer clothes in peace!

Ending Phrase

Natural beauty products aren’t for everyone because they’re sometimes prohibitively pricey. It’s difficult not to be perplexed as to why these natural, plant-based compounds are taxed so much more than those containing powerful chemicals and harsh components.

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