5 Amazing Hairstyles For All Your Holiday Moods 

Life is all about striking the right balance; balance between professional and personal life, balance between career and passion. Same goes with our holiday looks too, where we are constantly looking for something relaxing and comforting yet attractive. This summer, the theme for holiday looks is more of a laidback comfy and trendy look. Therefore, this blog is to help you get the finest hairstyles using simple hair styling tools right at home for all those vacay moods. You might not have a glamorous holiday party or a tour, but you can surely play with your looks to suit your different mood for holidays. Here’s how: 

When the rest day has finally arrived and all you want to have is a nicely made wholesome breakfast and shower some self-care session. Before stepping out for some shopping or maybe a coffee with your bestie, this hairstyle is one of the easiest to get. Soft loose waves can be done in minutes with the use Vega Go-Glam Hair Straightener. Clamp the plates an inch or two away from the roots then wrap the section around the plates just once. Slide it down gently, rewrap the section and repeat the process twice. Work this out on all strands to get those glamorous yet soft waves in no time. 

  • Messy bun for a hot summer day 

Piling all hair up in a nice messy bun is one of the most attractive hairstyles to match a hot summer weekend brunch. When you feel like you just want to get a hairdo as simple as possible and yet step out in style, this is the one. Use a hair dryer for women with concentrator nozzle and diffuser, blow dry your hair to add volume. Now, simply tie your hair in a bun. You can make it both low or high according to your mood. It is one chic and uptown hairstyle you don’t want to miss for this summer. 

  • Long sleek pigtails for a layover 

How about some 90’s easy peasy hairstyle that imparts a really cute and funky look? Long sleek pigtails are easiest to make with the help of a hair straightener and hair bands. Go for a middle partition and divide your hair in two chunky sections. Use any Vega hair straightener and straighten each section precisely. Now tie both the sections low just like the actresses of 90’s Bollywood and get a glam, flirty hairstyle that you can combine with some big round ear hoops. Take out two or three thin locks out in the front for the finishing touch. 

  • Front sleek braids for lazy outings 

This hairstyle presents a go-to look for any holiday mood. It is versatile and can be pulled off at any given mood or occasion. These latest braid trends are bringing back the 90’s vibe and yes, we are totally in for it. Just braid two frontal sections real tight so that they stay together through the day. You can either straighten the rest of the hair or make it wavy with a Vega Hair Waver

  • Curled Back Ponytail for the drama 

When you are actually in some mood to put in little effort to your hairdo, this one can actually spice up a simple ponytail hairstyle. Take your favorite Vega hair curler and curl most of your hair from in between to the end. Make sure the curls are loose and not very tight. In case you got your curls tight, just run your fingers through to loosen it. Now tie up your hair into a ponytail. Take two frontal hair locks and give them a loose curl with the help of Vega Chopstick Hair Curler. Now that’s how you get a dramatically pretty look for your next holiday.