5 DIY Storage Box Ideas To Organize Outdoor Play Area

5 DIY Storage Box Ideas To Organize Outdoor Play AreaThe kids have a specific time of the day to exercise, and playing outdoors becomes one of their favorite choices to do. It boosts their physical health together with the chance to commune with their environment. The usual scenario will involve different toys and materials for playing that create clutter if left unattended. 

As parents, we cannot restrict our children from playing because of the chaos it creates in our home’s outdoor spaces. The ingenuity of using on-hand storage materials and boxes becomes an instant solution to de-clutter. Here are great ideas of storage boxes that we can create and maximize to provide a clean and organized outdoor play area for our kids.        

  • Set Up Outdoor Type Storage Bins

It is a brilliant idea that involves the use of a bin as an outdoor storage box. You can get creative by putting on different colors of containers to add a playful effect to organizing. The kids will love the colorful vibe of this type of storage idea, and it will entice them to give a happy thought to cleaning. 

Each compartment of this storage box provides convenience for the kids to get and return their toys since it is easy to reach. This outdoor storage bin is portable and can get anchored gently directly to a wall. It becomes safe for the children, and it will entice them to keep up with tidiness after playing with their toys. 

  • Maximize Plastic Storage Box

There is the beauty of creating your storage box since it encourages maximizing materials on hand, like plastic storage boxes. This storing complements houses with limited space allocation since it gets easily stacked in the corner. It is also waterproof and versatile since it comes in different sizes to cater to various toys.  

The idea of using plastic boxes to store toys is inexpensive and, at the same time, handy. It is easy to clean and perfect for storing toys like racquets and bats. This type of storage material’s convenient character gives parents that edge to stacked them directly and keep the outdoor space organized. 

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  • Use Steel Organizer 

A steel rack is one of the best choices to organize toys in a play area. It gives efficiency in cleaning, and its durable material keeps the toys secure. This outdoor storage box provides a good advantage since it can store multiple items like balls, skipping ropes, and tiny toy trucks. 

You can get creative by putting decorated baskets inside the rack for your children to quickly remove and return a stack of toys. It will allow them to identify and move their toys around without worries. Then also put labels for easy identification of toy items. It encourages your children to be responsible for cleaning their mess after their play.   

  • Reuse Old Buckets And Tubs

What is good with creating your version of a storage box is the ability to impart the importance of sustainability. It is the best time to reuse old buckets or tubs and maximize them to store toys. These items become useful again instead of putting them inside a garage and leaving it to deteriorate. 

It is essential to add a spice of color to these recycled buckets and tubs. You can paint it with lovely colors that can blend well with the play area’s outdoor facade. The kids will appreciate storing their toys with a playful touch of colors. A tub with ample space can get converted into small pools for kids too.

  • Install Basket On The Wall

If there is no space on the ground for storage boxes, this type of storing toy can be useful. A simple installation of durable baskets on the wall can be the best alternative to keep the toys intact. The mounting of these baskets will require the use of large size hooks. It is easy and quick to do.  

It will be advantageous to use large types of baskets to hold different sizes of often used toys. Ensure that these wall-mounted baskets are easy to reach by kids, convenient for them to return and get their toys while playing. 


These do it yourself brilliant ideas of making storage boxes to store toys correctly gives the best solution to keep the outdoor play area clean and organized. We cannot compromise kids’ playtime because we do not want the mess it will create. Instead, we want our children to be responsible by appreciating the value of putting things back to their order after playing. 

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