5 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Employees Will Actually Like

Did you know that to be more productive? If you want to learn how to boost morale at work, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over employee appreciation tips.

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  1. Give Your Employee a Gift Card

You can show your appreciation for your employee by gifting them a gift card. Consider giving them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or bar. You could also check out bytefederal.com for more ideas.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Consider asking your employees to let you know when someone does a fantastic job at work. Recognition at the employee level will end up boosting employee happiness and engagement.

You can throw your employee’s name in a hat when they recognize a colleague. Draw one or two names so employees can enjoy the meal.

  1. Social Media Recognition

You can recognize top employees in a public manner, like on your company’s Twitter or Facebook page.

Social recognition will help you share how proud you are of different team members. You will build your employer brand, share your values and culture with the public.

Employees recognized on social media will also share the post with their followers.

If you choose this option, highlight who the employee is and what they did to receive the recognition. Explain how they helped your business.

Beforehand, ask your employees if they feel comfortable with you sharing their hard work online. Not everyone will want to have a public spotlight. Some people would prefer getting praise at the office instead of online.

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  1. Celebrate Birthdays

You should also celebrate your employees on their birthday. Some employers will give their employees the day off so they can choose to celebrate how they wish.

Some employers will plan some surprises for their employees at work. Recognize your employees and share how much you appreciate their efforts.

Decorate the employee’s desk. You could pick up their favorite meal or dessert.

Pass a birthday card around the office so other team members can write a little note. The personal touch of a birthday note and gift are more meaningful.

If you have a remote team, you could record a birthday video. Ask everyone to record a short message. Mail the employee a cake and card, and let them know how much you appreciate them.

  1. Leave the Office for a Change

Some team members will feel more productive and engaged when they get a change of scenery. You could plan an off-site day of work at a library or café.

Go to an area where your team’s needs will get met. Let employees know what they’re getting recognized for at the event.

Make sure you’re clear about the focus. Your team might need a change after a massive team project.

Now You Know More About Employee Appreciation

We hope this guide on employee appreciation was helpful. Now that you know how to celebrate hardworking employees start planning a few surprises. Make sure you check before posting online about an employee.

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