5 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies to Adopt

Over online never receive a single organic hit from a Google search. 

This leaves a very small percentage of businesses that are capturing attention and gaining traction online. Lucky for you, you can be one of them. 

Follow along to learn five essential digital marketing strategies for the year ahead to grow your business’s online presence and skyrocket sales. 

  1. Prioritize Content Marketing

The first mistake you can make with your content marketing strategy is believing that blogging is dead. In fact, the opposite is true. 

Using your website to launch your content marketing through blogging is one of the most effective ways to draw organic traffic. Not only are you more likely to be found by your target audience, but you’ll actually begin gaining their trust and loyalty with your free advice. 

Round out your online business content with video (always a top performer) and don’t forget to hit social media platforms with consistent and frequent posts.

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  1. Never Stop Optimizing

When running a business, it can be easy to adopt a set it and forget it attitude towards SEO. Unfortunately, Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and to keep up, you’ll need to be continually optimizing. 

In 2021, you’ll want to adjust your keyword strategy to incorporate long-tail keywords and ensure your site is incredibly mobile-friendly. 

For e-commerce businesses, ensure your product descriptions and check-out processes are optimized and ready to roll for both customers and search engines alike. If you aren’t a tech wiz or SEO enthusiast, consider investing in E-commerce Digital Marketing Services to do the heavy lifting.

  1. Paid Advertising

Just because your SEO techniques are in place doesn’t mean you can skip the pay-per-click advertising. In fact, PPC is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can use to hit the exact right audience that is ready to buy. 

Paid advertising will allow you to customize your target and work around Facebook, Instagram, and Google algorithms to see results faster. 

The most important part of your paid advertising strategy is analytics review. Use your metrics for data-driven ads that are worth the investment. 

  1. Leverage Influencers

Everyone loves a good recommendation and influencers hold an impressive amount of weight when it comes to advertising. 

The vast majority of businesses now have some sort of affiliate program to leverage influencers and gain visibility in front of a new audience. The reason this method works so well is that people want to go where other people are. 

If a popular Instagrammer promotes your product, you’re almost guaranteed to gain sales that you otherwise may have missed out on. 

  1. Unified Customer Experience

With so many platforms and digital marketing strategies to employ, brands can often forget the importance of consistency. 

Your ultimate goal for online marketing should be to create a consistent and high-quality customer experience. This may include updating your website so that both the mobile and desktop versions are user-friendly, or installing chatbots to unify customer service quality. 

Your brand should deliver the same level of service on each and every platform to win customers over and earn their trust. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Now that you know these five key digital marketing strategies, it’s time to set to work. Whether you are just getting started or upping your digital marketing game, we’re confident these tips and tricks will earn you the results your brand deserves. 

Want more online marketing advice? Check out our other articles to discover everything you need to know to run your online business with ease. 

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