5 Mistakes That You Must Not Do While Filling CTET Registration Form

5 Mistakes That You Must Not Do While Filling CTET Registration Form

by Altaf Shaikh

Someone has rightly said that no one should ever go with half knowledge. When it comes to applying for an exam, you should always accumulate needed information before going ahead. It helps to-not-let you face any unwanted situations later on. CTET is one of the most popular exams among the youth. Though most students have always been interested in accumulating more information about CTET Syllabus

CTET exams are conducted in different cities and different languages. It means you do not need to bother about language-related issues at all. When you do not commit any of these above-mentioned mistakes, you would be having much time and energy to focus on your preparation. Go with mock tests, revisions, and practice to get high scores in your exam. No one can stop you to achieve if you are adhered to get a high score in this exam and build your career being an interesting teacher. 

But apart from this, you also need to understand what mistakes you must not make while filling the CTET registration exam. Here, we have mentioned the most common mistakes that you must not make. Let’s check it out –

  • Always Go A Tad Serious When It Comes to Add Correct Details – 

If you are one of them who always makes mistakes while filling the forms then you need to be a bit careful. You need to make sure that all added information is correct and accordingly the certificates. Adding accurate information is quite important since it is used for various purposes including CTET Result declaration by the administration. 

Whether it is about your name, date of birth, educational oriented qualification, or nationality, everything should be added with doing any sort of spelling errors at all. In case, you try to hide something or go with any discrepancy in the context of imparting information, it may result in rejecting the application indeed. 

  • Do Check the Eligibility Criteria Carefully – 

You need to make sure that you are going with the eligibility criteria. Most candidates make this mistake while filling the exam form. You must not do it. Teachers and top students also recommend checking the eligibility criteria carefully before starting filling the form. 

If you do match the particular criteria, chances are high that your application will be rejected. You will not be allowed to appear in the exam. So, do not make this mistake.

  1. No, You Cannot Fill Multiple Forms – 

Have you been going with the thought of filling in multiple forms? You need to chuck this notion as it is not true but a misconception only. Aspirants going for CTET are not allowed to fill different forms. 

Respected authorities have also stated that a student cannot fill in multiple forms at all. If it is done for any purpose, your candidature is supposed to be rejected. Not only this but you may also get debarred to attend the exam in the future. So, do not even think about it as no good results will come out. 

  • Never Do Share Your Password –

We keep hearing that we should not share our bank or any other OTP or password etc., as it could be misused. And the same rule applies here too. Once you did your registrations and came up with the login, you must not share your password at all. You should log out of your account once you are done with all the processes. Safely logout helps to not let any unauthorized activity over there. All your filled details will remain safe and secured. 

  • Stop Waiting For The Last Day –

Some students think waiting for the last day would be ideal. But it is not. Do not wait for that specific last day at all. During the last days, an official site could break down or any other technical issues could happen because of heavy visits. If you have already done your filling related work, you would not have to face this sort of unwanted situation at all.

 Therefore, it needs to go smart while filling your CTET form. Moreover, when you did your filling related work earlier, you would be having much mental peace and energy that you could put into your study. Waiting for the last day is nothing but inviting stress. 

In The Last – 

Hope you are cleared of what mistakes you must not make while filling the form. You are a smart student and it must also be shown in the way you do things. Hope this information would be quite useful to the aspirants preparing for CTET. 

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