5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Watch in 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Watch in 2021

by Mahesh Kokare

Luxury items such as watches are often overlooked when they really shouldn’t be; these products fulfill many purposes. They are a staple in every man and women’s accessory collection. Here’s a list of why you should consider wearing watches in the present.

  1. It Supports Watchmakers 

Watchmakers are very noble businesses with some of the best origin stories. An example of this is Rado, which started centuries ago. The brand was conceived by three Swiss siblings–Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup. The three brothers had a humble beginning as they ventured into making watches, starting at their parents’ home. They made slow progress but eventually had success written all over their history. Now they’re one of the most known companies with very sleek and beautiful designs, pioneering in watchmaking.

Being able to support watchmakers like this helps the industry and brings in jobs for potential employees. This assists the economy overall. It also brings recognition to the underrated craft of watchmaking, which has been labeled ‘dying’. It had been one of the first aspects of technological advancement, and yet is being left in the shadows as of recent.

  1. It’s a Great Treat for Yourself

Have you ever been burnt out from doing certain things? Perhaps you’ve been feeling down for having overworked yourself. The interesting concept of retail therapy centers around shopping for items and treating yourself to lift one’s esteem and confidence. It can be anything in terms of price point and usage, the main goal is to put yourself at ease and make a comfortable buy.

It may seem absurd but is powerful in its effect. You feel rewarded and deserving after getting yourself something. It relieves you of any anxiety you might have been experiencing before the purchase.

You can never go wrong with giving watches as gifts, whether it’s for loved ones or yourself. They’re very standard pieces that are useful for everyday life. Almost anyone can appreciate a  good watch design, especially if it’s in their favorite colors.

  1. It Serves as a Good Investment 

Watches are often passed down as an heirloom. They’re given from generation to generation as a sign of growing up and being happy. Ergo, the monetary and sentimental value of this object is often priceless. It’s a good investment to make and keep for your family.

This usually depends on the model of the watch you’re getting. It also matters whether it is a limited edition or not. Reselling one that is exclusive and would never be made again can be sold for a high price. You can gauge this by a discussion with fellow watch collectors and enthusiasts, but just keep an eye out for vintage pieces.

  1. It Provides Convenient Timekeeping

The primary function of a watch is to display time. Along with that, the way watches are constructed is that they are made to last a long time. It isn’t like a cellphone that will easily die when the battery runs out and there’s no charger involved. 

A good quality watch can provide convenience and reduce people’s effort. You can check your wrist with ease and find out what time it is. A watch is almost entirely independent. They are also being innovated further, as the rise of smartwatches continues. Having a device that can track your walking, play music, help you answer calls, and check your social media through a small interface may have sounded like a pipe dream. However, watches have become multifaceted.

  1. It Helps You Dress to Impress

Watches are a symbol of class and status. Albeit stereotypical, many people look out for luxury brands. Wearing a luxury watch usually means a person is of prestige and wealth. This may have a negative connotation but you can use this to your advantage on the social ladder. It’s a potential conversation starter when starting to talk to someone. Get connections and widen your social network.

You may not be going to any dinner parties in a suit and tie just yet due to the pandemic, but watches are a nice accessory to pair with any clothes. Put a mask on, wear a watch and head out to the grocery store? Not a bad look at all.


If you still don’t have a watch, there are more than hundreds of catalogs you can view from online retailers and legitimate outlets. Brands have been having new releases, despite the delay caused by the pandemic. You can also get a watch that’s been produced in the past before if you like the vintage aspect a watch offers. There’s a model for every price point so something will always be within budget. 

Don’t worry, you are never old-fashioned for wanting a watch. It’s only right to appreciate a device that has been so monumental in human inventions. On top of all the other benefits of having a watch this year, It can bring back a nostalgic feeling. To own and wear a watch again helps you think back to simpler times.

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