5 Types of Practical Garage Shelving Ideas to Easily Organize Your Home


Intentional or not, your garage often turns into a dumping ground for almost everything. A massive amount of home and garden essentials, such as outdoor toys, lawn equipment, tools, and others, are packed in your garage. Sometimes, seeing a huge stack of components in your garage makes organization a challenging task — particularly if you don’t have a plan in hand.

Fortunately, there are practical solutions that you can try to make your space as functional and clutter-free as possible. Even if it’s quite unrealistic to overhaul your space perfectly, these DIY ideas will promote a cleaner look in your home. So, incorporate these space-saving organization tips below, so you don’t have to worry about organizing your home again.

  • Simple Wooden Shelving

If you are someone who likes pursuing a minimalistic approach, simple DIY garage shelves are the best way to achieve it. These shelves are attached the way in long straight planks without any additions or compartments. These shelves are traditionally made of wood, the selection of which is based upon how polished and refined you want your completed framework to be.

Furthermore, the scope of material tends to vary from scrap wood, high-quality finished wood, or cheap plywood. To carry a substantial amount of weight on the final structure, the material used must be thick and adequately secured. If you require an item of sturdy garage furniture and other garage counters that lasts over time, a metal garage shelf may be suitable for you.

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  • Go Vertical to Maximize Valuable Garage Space

The most challenging aspect for almost any householder is trying to fit everything they own into what is often considered a limited space. Maximizing space is always critical whether you own a small storage container or having a sprawling three-car garage. With that in mind, before you install anything, make sure to plan your space basing on what you need to keep.

For most storage and garage spaces, organizing racks, hooks, and shelves is one of the essential elements. Of course, you don’t want to stack up every wall of your garage with shelves and then have no extra space to place your cleaning and garden tools. That’s why it’s vital to think through your garage’s height and depth before you set up a shelf.

  • Add Floating Shelves to Make Use of All Available Wall Space

If you can’t decide what to do with a blank wall because there are various garage storage shelves to choose from, floating shelves are the way to go. This kind of rack will enable you to construct more storage space as sturdy floating shelves free up floor space while increasing visibility for everything ranging from sports gear and yard tools.

Apart from that, the use of floating corner shelves is also a unique way to take advantage of any space available in your garage. You can employ them to store smaller objects such as nails screw containers.

  • Make Full Use of Containers and Dividers

It is clear to notice that one of the significant challenges in utilizing any shelving system is how to keep them organized in the long run. Shelf dividers are a functional tool to slide onto the shelf and keep the components separated. Unfortunately, nothing beats the usefulness of containers with covers since they come in a wide array of sizes and stack neatly. 

  • Overhead Storage Space for Seasonal Items

If you already packed every wall of your garage and still have plenty of items to store, utilizing overhead storage racks is an excellent place to stack them. This kind of shelving is usable for occasional-use stuff that is not overly heavy such as sports or camping gear. Utilizing this kind of shelving will need to have a robust bracing solution and must be tightly secured.

Along with that, keeping things overhead means that your stuff won’t experience getting wet as they usually encounter when you put it on the floor in the garage. Apart from that, setting items close to the ceiling means that you can easily slide the objects you don’t need daily on the overhead storage and leave room for things that you need right away.


Garages are always prone to be easily cramped. It doesn’t take long for things to pile up and swallow up the space that was once labeled as your workspace. That’s why getting your garage clutter-free not only maintains it cleaner but also opens up areas for more storage. So take advantage of the garage shelving ideas above and start maximizing your space now!

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