Timeless Timepiece: 6 Reasons Why Rolex Watches are Forever

We will not deny that most, if not all luxury brand watches are breathtakingly fabulous. It costs a fortune, so surely, it is also quite valuable. But among all luxury watches, there are big names that rise above the others for a long time. There are a lot of elegant and state-of-the-art luxury watches, but some brands are just the legendary ones. Among the famous luxury brands, Rolex has always been regarded as one of the best, if not the best. Rolex has always been present since wristwatches became a thing. However, no matter how old they are in the business, you really cannot call it a has-been. Do you want to know why? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. High-class quality

For what reason will Rolex continue to reign supreme until now were it not for its cutting-edge quality? For the longest time, watch lovers and experts accolade Rolex for having one of the best quality watches ever made. This is the reason why to this day, Rolex still dominates fashion magazines for luxurious and reliable brands. Experts have already proven the accuracy of Rolex timepieces with its chronometer certification. It is also proven to be reliable and sturdy. Rolex removes unusual complications on a watch like tourbillons, minute repeaters, and perpetual calendars. Rolex has always been in advantage because of this. From its establishment until today, Rolex has consistently been improving on every timepiece’s details.

  1. Elegant design and brand recognition

Over the years of efficient watchmaking, the public has since recognized what a Rolex looks like. For this reason, Rolex has remained to be a brand recognized by many only by looking at its design. Everyone knows Rolex watches to have a round shape. Because of this round shape, Rolex watches become legibly top-grade and water-resistant. Watch lovers just go crazy over Rolex’s new collections because of guaranteed improvement. The brand has quite intricate modifications to its iconic design that made it recognizable by many.

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  1. Creative marketing strategy and communication

Rolex will hardly be one of the best luxury watches in the industry were it not for its catchy marketing strategies. The brand’s owner, Hans Wilsdorf, pulled genius marketing strategies to make sure that his brand will remain in the public all over the world. Even its brand name is carefully thought of. Rolex is named as it is, so it will be easy to pronounce and remember for every language. You can also see the brand name on the dial of every timepiece. The brand also participated in historical events. Wilsdorf named its water-resistant timepiece the “Oyster”. He gave the “Oyster” to a swimmer who will try to make history by swimming in the English Channel. The Oyster landed full-page on the front page of newspapers as the swimmer made it to the news. The public now remembers Rolex as a representation of success and sports.

  1. High value

Many people buy luxury watches to retain their value and make them an heirloom. Like jewelry, luxury watches can also remain valuable after time. However, some watches would depreciate once you buy them. This is not the same with Rolex, especially for stainless steel ones that have high demands. For Rolex watches, its value will only depreciate a little. In some cases, it becomes even more valuable than the original price.

  1. Great style

This list would not be complete without ever mentioning how stylish Rolex watches are. Rolex watches would not be regarded as it is today if it did not catch the fashionistas’ styles. People love Rolex watches because it is versatile. You can pair it with any outfit, and it will still look good. You can either go for a swim, go golfing or go to a five-star hotel with a Rolex and you will still look stylish. Fashion magazines such as Vogue have regarded Rolex watches highly.

  1. High brand status

People have known Rolex to be a thing for the rich and famous. Wearing a luxury watch will make you look established and successful. It will make you look like one with high status. It perfectly conveys how rich and successful you are. This is why people who achieve great success in their careers will go and buy Rolex watches to celebrate.

Treat yourself

Now that you know some of the reasons why Rolex is famous, it is now up to you to treat yourself and choose the right watch for you. Surely, there are reliable stores where you can get a legitimate Rolex watch. You can go to a mall near you and look for the right style. You can also check out watches from watchshopping.com. Choose a style that perfectly defines you and makes you proud. There will be a lot of Rolex styles to choose from. Make sure as well that the store you will buy from offers authentic Rolex watches.

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