8 Ways Vaping Affects your Body

It is a fact that the majority of people are addicted to vaping even though it is  considered less harmful as compared to regular cigarettes. However, it is important to know the effects of vaping on your body especially if you have vaped for a number of years. E-cigarettes do emit carcinogens and have several side effects that can make you rethink about consuming them daily. 

Teenagers seem intrigued by vaping just because they consider it a style statement and while doing so, addiction is the obvious thing. Let’s have a look at some of its effects on the human body. 


You might have observed that after vaping for twenty minutes, throat dryness causes coughing. If you do not get it treated on time, it may get worse with time. Coughing in the crowd or official meetings can be embarrassing but this is what vaping does to your body. 8 out of 10 persons who vape usually suffer a cough and they get temporary relief through medicines but unless they do not quit vaping, cough problems can stay with them. 

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Dry Mouth and Throat 

You may feel dryness in the mouth and the urge to drink water frequently. Dry throat is the worst thing because it may not let you enjoy the taste of whatever you eat. Some syrups can help in getting rid of this problem. Try to have honey with warm water the night before sleeping because it can help to fight dryness. 

If you try to quit vaping, it can help a lot in fighting throat dryness. On the other hand, you can build a good habit of drinking excessive water every day. So, try to manage it with the best solutions. 

Stains on Teeth

It is a fact that vaping affects your teeth in the form of stains and pain. You may suffer a rough patch in the teeth. Stains look bad and do not fade even if you use good toothpaste. So, instead of suffering from tooth pain, isn’t it better to quit the habit of vaping. 

Dentists may recommend certain solutions for removing those stains but if you start vaping again, stains can reappear and you may have to hide your teeth while smiling. Vaping has certain other side effects on teeth apart from stains and you may suffer constant teeth pain. 


Headache is another problem that vapors usually suffer from. They rely on painkillers for getting rid of headaches however it gets worse with time if you keep vaping for hours every day. Headache further causes many problems like vomiting, blurred vision, and anxiety. Doctors recommend quitting vaping especially when a person suffers a headache for a long time because it can lead to many other diseases. 


Another side effect of vaping is nausea. Have you ever noticed numbness after vaping for hours? If you feel so, it can be the first sign of nausea and with time, it can prove even more harmful. Continuous vomiting and drowsiness are other side effects of vaping. People suffer certain stomach problems like poor digestion and pain. 

Slow Brain Development 

People suffer slow brain development when they vape for a long time. Teenagers who vape regularly may feel a slow thinking process and their progress level can also get affected. Students may get bad grades in school due to poor concentration on their studies. However, regulatory bodies are taking strict action against the usage of drugs in schools and universities and vaping is also considered in that category because it too makes a person addicted. 

Poor Heart Health 

Heart health is important for everyone and continuous vaping can affect heart muscles badly. Vein contraction is another problem that people suffer from who vape a lot. Heart problems don’t get cured easily especially if you are a teenager because their effects vary as per the age. 

It is suggested to avoid vaping but if you are addicted to it, the best option is to reduce its consumption as if you have a habit of vaping for hours, you should reduce it to minutes. Moreover, the best way to quit vaping is to do it once a week only and it will help you quit permanently. 

Lack of Focus 

Vape addicts do not have a good focus level and when they choose to do some office work, they require time for understanding things. Poor focus can cause a lot of problems like the urge of sleeping all the time and forgetting about important tasks. Vape addicts do not take things seriously and they stay in their zone with poor focus. 

Apart from it, if a person drives a car right after vaping, it is a real risk on the road because he may have blurred vision while driving. In short, these are some side effects that everyone should know before getting indulged in vaping. 

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