9 Benefits of Interior Plants for Your Home

Over the last 3 years, more than has been spent on the houseplant industry in the United States. 

Millennials have accounted for much of this increase, but people are mainly realizing all of the benefits. Beyond decorating your home, there are many other reasons to get plants for your house. 

Continue reading to discover all of the benefits of putting interior plants in your home!

  1. Reduce Allergens 

One of the largest benefits of getting interior plants is that they can help reduce allergens. 

Depending on the plants that you fill your house will, you can prevent allergies and have natural humidifiers. House plants help remove formaldehyde and benzene. Both of these toxins can trigger allergies even during the winter months. 

Many people recommend getting mums or peace lilies to help remove allergens from the air. You can also get golden pothos or gerbera daisies to help reduce your tissue needs. If you or your family members deal with allergies, plants can surely help. 

  1. Lower Stress 

Did you know that people who are surrounded by plants show lower levels of stress?

Indoor plants have soothing properties and can promote more peace in a person’s life. One of the reasons that plants reduce stress is that caring for them and cultivating them is a calming activity. As you watch the plant slowly grow, you will have more appreciation for progress. 

Plants create a peaceful and natural environment that always feels welcoming. Not only do plants improve your overall mood, but they also lower your blood pressure, which could be a symptom of stress. 

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  1. Maintain Your Health

If you are wanting to maintain or improve your mental and physical health, you should start getting indoor plants.

Plants affect the human body in many different ways, all contributing to health. They increase oxygen levels in the home and get rid of harmful toxins that can make you feel sick and lethargic. Having several plants lowers blood pressure and keeps your body functioning properly. 

Another way that plants promote health is that they lower stress and anxiety. Untreated stress can impact the GI tract, emotion regulation, and the brain. The best thing you can do for your health is to surround yourself with greenery. 

  1. Clean the Air

As mentioned above, plants can help reduce allergens by purifying the air.

Clearing out allergens in your home with plants is a natural way to clean the air. Plants are also beneficial to the home because they help get rid of harmful substances found in the atmosphere.

Plants can help clean the air by using photosynthesis. They convert the carbon dioxide that we produce into oxygen. Without plants, there would be more toxins in the air. Appropriate humidity levels are also a factor for breathing clean air, which plants can also help with. 

  1. Absorb Background Noises 

Interior plants are excellent for home décor because they look pretty and serve multiple functions.

If you have a room in the house that echoes and the sound bounces around, consider getting plants. The plants will help control the house’s acoustics and prevent background noises from taking over.

The branches, leaves, and stems all work hard to absorb sound. Depending on the type of plants that you fill your house up with, some might be more effective than others. If you want to block out noises from outside of the house, place large and leafy plants near windows and doors. 

  1. Improve Sleep

Did you know that plants can help improve your sleep each night?

Having interior plant designs in the home can reduce your middle-of-the-night wake-ups and insomnia. Since plants help produce more oxygen, your body can breathe more effectively. Being able to breathe without taking in toxins and allergens will help you stay asleep through the night and reduce snoring. 

Plants can also help you get a good night’s sleep by putting you in a relaxed state of mind. Put the plants near or above your bed and watch them work while you snuggle under the covers. 

  1. Mood Lifting 

If you want to be in a better mood and live a happier lifestyle, plants can help assist you!

Studies have shown that indoor plants have calming effects that impact your overall mood. Plants and flowers can help give you a reason to smile because you know they are benefiting your health. 

Plants are a visual reminder that you care about the environment and yourself. Simply looking at them can help inspire you to get out of bed on rough days and feel motivated. 

  1. Avoid Headaches 

Plants are an excellent alternative to pain medications if you deal with headaches and migraines.

The snake plant is most known for having a positive effect on headaches. You can also fill your space up with peppermint plants, ginger, and feverfew. Breathing in the oxygen that these plants produce will keep your head pain-free because it is getting what it needs. 

Many people recommend getting peppermint plants for headaches. Not only can you smell them while they grow but you can also use the leaves for tea or to chew on! 

  1. Increase Concentration 

Whether you are in the home office or studying for school, plants can help improve your concentration.

Ginseng, sage, and peppermint are some of the most recommended plants for people trying to focus. The oxygenating abilities help your brain work more efficiently and improve concentration. These plants also improve work by creating energizing scents and displaying beautiful colors. 

Your Home Will Benefit From Interior Plants 

Many people get interior plants to brighten up their homes and decorate.

This guide covers all of the benefits of these indoor plants and why you should be utilizing them. No matter what theme you have in the house, plants will liven up your space and keep you feeling happy.

Don’t be afraid to try a new and exotic plant for a unique look in your home. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about house plants and making your home feel comfortable! 

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