A Brief Guide To Katana Swords

A Brief Guide To Katana Swords

by Ramit

Katana swords are highly dangerous weapons that can actually be more harmful and dangerous than guns in some instances. A cut with ones of these swords can easily cut right through various layers of the human body and even bone. Because of this, a single thrust of a Katana has the potential to be deadly. 

It is a common belief that the soul of the owner of a Katana sword is bound within the weapon. The curved shape of a Katana is produced as a result of it being covered in a hard metal that has a high carbon content. This is known as tamahagane steel and it can be as much as 50 times more expensive than regular steel. The best quality Katana swords can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in some instances. For swords of all prices visit katanasforsale.com.

Katan swords shape

The famous curve that katana swords have comes from the process of tempering that is used during the manufacture of the deadly weapon. The vast majority of these types of sword are clay tempered. As part of the tempering process, the entire spin of the katana’s blade is covered in clay. Because of this, the edges are extremely hard but the spine is soft, giving the sword its curve and flexibility. However, the curve on a katana sword is only very slight. This means that the advantages and disadvantages of a curved blade against a straight blade are not that major. 

Katan swords and Samurai

As soon as Samurai were born, a katana sword was brought straight through into the room and this created an affinity between the two. Come the end of a Samurai’s life, one was laid down beside them. Throughout their life, Samurai always slept alongside their sword – it was kept right next to their pillow. A Samurai’s katana sword was symbolic of their loyalty, discipline, and physical strength.

How katana swords compare to other swords

There are nine famous swords that really forged the history of this type of weapon. These include the Roman Gladius, the Bowie Knife, the Katana, the Bolo Knife, the Ulfberht Sword, the Falcata, the Kukri, and the Khopesh. The Khopesh came into existence in the Bronze Age (3300 BC – 1200 BC) and was highly influential during that period in time. The ancient sword that was made in the African country of Egypt has a blade that is hooked and sharp on the outside edge only. 

However, it is the katana sword that is the most deadly out of all these famous and historic weapons from all over the globe. For instance, it is the only one from the above list that is able to split the bullet from a gun in half. 

Are katana swords legal?

The answer to this varies and depends on which country you reside in. For this reason it is important that you do some research before purchasing a katana sword yourself, as you do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law.

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