A Guide To Industrial Switches

Switches play an important role in the automotive, aerospace and military industries. Due to their specialized nature, Select Controls offers hundreds of switches that serve virtually every function. We also sell custom switches for projects that have a specific need. Popular applications include cockpit technology, tire pressure monitoring, emergency transmitters and other essential parts of some of the world’s biggest industries.

Before you select the right switch manufacturer, take some time to browse their inventory and learn about their custom products. Here’s a look at what we sell at Select Controls.

What Are Acceleration Switches?

Acceleration switches detect changes in velocity, which triggers a response in the system. These switches are an essential part of missiles, aircraft and other pieces of equipment with emergency alert systems. While latching switches continue to respond after the issue is over, non-latching switches stop responding when the aircraft reaches the right velocity. Acceleration switches are made from heavy-duty materials to keep them from failing mid-flight, which could cause a catastrophic accident.

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What Are Disturbance Switches?

Disturbance switches sense vibration or tampering in the immediate area, which triggers a response from the switch. Military and aerospace industries use disturbance switches to notify them if someone tampers with the object. When someone sets off the disturbance switch, they could set off an alarm or disarm the military weapon that they handled. While many industries use disturbance switches to prevent tampering, others use these switches to monitor an object’s vibrational levels.

What Are Tilt Switches?

Like disturbance switches, tilt switches trigger a response every time someone tilts or overturns an item. The tampering could be accidental or intentional–either way, the tilt trigger activates its response. Typically, the object shuts off to prevent possible harm. Each tilt switch contains ball bearings that notify the switch when the object tilts too far. The military and aerospace industry frequently use tilt switches to avoid accidents and keep people from tampering with their equipment.

What Are Impact Switches?

Impact switches detect brute force to the object and respond accordingly. The switch could trigger an alarm or shut down the object automatically to prevent any damage. Once the force stops, the impact switch usually ends its response. Impact switches are frequently used for military applications to prevent tampering, accidents or detonations. You’ll also find impact switches in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Does Select Controls Make Custom Products?

Yes! When you need to order switches online, browse our extensive selection. We carry thousands of switches that customers have used for industrial purposes. If you don’t see what you need online, contact us about producing a custom switch. We’ll start with a prototype, then manufacture the switch according to your specifications. Select Controls offers in-house design, engineering and manufacturing so you can rely on us throughout your entire project.

What Are Some Other Products In Our Inventory?

In addition to our industrial switches, we sell other industrial products that have a range of capabilities. Here’s what you’ll find in our online inventory:

  • Aircraft lights
  • Aviation life support equipment
  • Crush switches
  • “G” switches

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