A Guide to Surrogacy Services in Ukraine: A Guide to leihmutterschaft ukraine klinik

Surrogacy is the process that helps the intended parents to start their happy families. Instead of adopting the child, the sterile parents have the tremendous opportunity to have their own genetic child.

Ukraine is situated in Europe and it offers high-standard European services but at a much lower price. leihmutterschaft ukraine klinik is one of the reproductive centers in Ukraine providing the best IVF, egg donor or surrogacy programs. In Ukraine, “surrogacy is allowed by the law, only for married heterosexuals couples”.

The law in Ukraine specifically states that the baby belongs to the intended parents and the surrogate mother has no parental rights.

Surrogacy is legal in many countries worldwide and Ukraine is one of those countries. Legal regulation of surrogacy relations is determined by the Family Code of Ukraine, since 22 November 2007 Order 1154/5 of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Changes in Essential Records Register Rules in Ukraine and 23 December 2008 Order 771 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine The approval of directives for procedure in ART use.

Medical Facilities

Our clinics provide a full range of IVF and fertility services with higher success rates as compared to those in Western Europe and the United States. Treatment options include:

      In-vitro fertilization

     Intrauterine insemination and baseline fertility workup

     Genetic testing and advanced IVF lab procedures

     Male fertility services, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection

      donor sperm and egg freezing, storage, and retrieval services.

Medical care includes surrogate mother’s pregnancy management (ultrasound, tests, vitamins), childbirth, insurance for surrogate, DNA test, care of a premature baby (including the purchase of medicines), and pediatrician visits to the newborn after discharge from the hospital.

Affordable Programs and Services

The cost of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy services in the Ukraine is significantly lower than in countries such as the United States, Australia or Canada. In Ukraine, the surrogacy services have prices 50-70% cheaper than in other countries. Even the travel and lodging expenses are quite affordable. leihmutterschaft ukraine klinik basically focuses on the comfort of their clients.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

     Age of surrogate ranges from 19 to 36 years old.

     The surrogate mother must have healthy children born.

     For Surrogate mothers, BMI (body mass index) is not more than 32.

     According to the legislation of Ukraine, only women with Ukrainian citizenship are allowed to participate in the Surrogacy Program.

     Surrogate Mother should be Rh positive.

     Surrogate mother must be morally and psychologically stable.

Legal Support

The Legal Team is highly professional and experienced. It is the complete responsibility of our Legal Team to help you through the process of registration of birth certificate, accommodation and meals for the intended parents in Ukraine and registration of a child’s passport.

Our team of lawyers handle relevant paperwork very diligently, after the birth of your baby. At the end of the program, parents are provided with a proper package of documents, where they are recorded as “mother” and “father”of the new born baby.

Final Word

leihmutterschaft ukraine klinik is one of the top clinics in Ukraine. This coordinates with the best and experienced specialists. Even the staff is highly cooperative and the environment is quite comfortable. The privacy of clients is a basic responsibility.

We are eager to provide every kind of legal and medical support to our clients. Surrogacy Clinic Ukraine uses a team-oriented approach that provides the highest level of integrity, support and compassion. Our main aim is to help you through your journey of parenthood.