All About Acoustic Sound Blankets

Unless you have experience in a recording studio, chances are you haven’t heard of the term acoustic sound blankets.

So you’ll be forgiven for wrongly guessing they are some magical device for keeping your kids or pets quiet for the afternoon!

Acoustic sound blankets are innovative, affordable, and convenient acoustic insulation, commonly used for soundproofing rooms. Here’s everything you need to know about this clever invention.

How Do Acoustic Sound Blankets Work?

Acoustic blanket manufacturers create these soundproofing products from multiple layers of fiber. That includes and an inner layer made with natural fibers such as cotton.

These layers help to trap and absorb sound, acting as natural acoustic wall insulation. Anyone with DIY experience can easily mount these blankets to the walls. You don’t need specialist equipment or material. 

The thicker the blanket, the more sound it will absorb. A professional-standard acoustic blanket can trap as much as 80% of the sound traveling through it. 

As well as soundproofing a room from the outside world, an acoustic blanket will also reduce echo. That is beneficial when creating a music sound recording. 

Who Uses Acoustic Blankets? 

A traditional soundproof room is expensive to build. Depending on the size, construction, and finish, a professional soundproof studio can potentially set you back thousands of dollars.

Acoustic blankets allow rooms to achieve a high level of soundproofing at a fraction of the cost of a soundproof studio. They are an excellent alternative for people on a budget who need a soundproof room.

Blanket soundproofing is popular with musicians looking to create a home music studio. That might be a studio used for music practice, or it could even be an amateur recording studio for vocalists and bands. 

Soundproofing is also an option for social media influencers looking for a home studio to record professional videos or podcasts. A soundproof room will create a better recording without interruptions such as traffic noise, pets, or children.

You can also choose thermal and acoustic blankets. These provide the added benefit of thermal insulation. That is a practical choice for small businesses looking for low-cost insulation.

For more guidance on using thermal and acoustic blankets, here’s a link with some further information: check it out!

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Top Tips

If you think acoustic blankets might be a good solution, here are a few tips to follow. 

The NRC rating of the blanket is your guide to how effective the soundproofing is. An NRC rating of 0.8 means that the blanket will absorb around 80% of noise. 

If you want to boost your soundproofing, try doubling the acoustic blankets in the room. That is an easy and quick way to get additional acoustic benefits without a sizeable expense. 

The Sweet Sound of Silence

Long gone are the days where soundproofed rooms were an exclusive benefit for the rich and famous.

Acoustic sound blankets allow amateur musicians, bands, and small businesses to get a homemade recording studio that is practical and effective. 

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