Best digital wedding invitation templates for you

Is a wedding in your future? In that case, you should learn how to produce spectacular wedding invitation cards before you get married. In this way, you’ll know that the announcement of this long-awaited happening will be given the attention it deserves. It’s becoming increasingly common to send digital wedding invites rather than traditional cards. It’s becoming common practice to send these kinds of invitations, especially among the younger generation that is so set on choosing eco-friendly activities. You can create your own wedding invitation online on your own using the templates available or you can also get it done by a professional invitation designer. Wedding invites sent via email are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional paper invitations. Couples can find thousands of beautiful templates online to use as inspiration for their digital wedding invitation.

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Illustrative designs 

The invitation is made more special by including an illustration created digitally. Make sure the illustrator understands what you want by providing a comprehensive brief. Images are lighthearted and entertaining; feel free to frame and display them.


Nothing but success can come from combining fairy lights, lace, and a rustic setting. The digital wedding invitation is brought to life by including glittering fairy lights, which add a touch of romance. You can also choose from a variety of stylish GIF-formatted digital wedding invitations. 

Lotus Pond

All stunning digital wedding invitation design acts as proof that less is more. Traditional and elegant details come together nicely. White and gold lotus and Swastik designs are stunning in their purity.


You should organize a photo shoot with your pet if you are the lucky recipient of their affection. A wedding announcement made by our furry companions is the cutest thing ever. They’re equally appropriate for use as printed invites or as electronic invitations sent to guests.

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Playing Cards

This idea of playing cards is brilliant in its own odd way. It manages to be endearingly humorous. What makes this concept so ingenious is how straightforward it is.

Illustration from a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, couples (especially women) could find hope in love thanks to fairy stories. Despite their status as fiction works, fairy tales inspire readers. This sample seems like it was crafted by the couple’s fairy godmother if fairy tales played a role in creating their love.

Black and White

Whenever possible, stick to the absolutes of black and white. This time-tested color scheme is guaranteed to be a success every time. It’s stunningly lovely and majestic in appearance. When sending out a digital wedding invitation, you can use photos from the happy couple’s wedding as part of the design. Choose a font that will help your invitation stand out by using a trendy typeface.

Starry Night

There aren’t many things more breathtaking than a starry night sky. This wedding invitation draws its inspiration from the starry sky. It’s a fantastic invitation for the most romantic night of your life, being both simple and elegant in design.

It’s time to forego the traditional wedding invitation card and instead send out electronic invites. When designing a digital wedding invitation, your creativity is the only limitation.

Rustic Theme Wedding Invitation Sample

The emphasis of rustic decor is on natural elements and bucolic scenes. A country wedding is not required if you opt for a rustic invitation template. This sample can be used for any kind of wedding.

Bokeh Lights Wedding Invitation Template

Some call bokeh effects “out-of-focus light,” and others have never heard of it. Bokeh is the effect obtained when respective light sources are defocused on purpose to create a more dramatic overall impact. This free, downloadable wedding invitation design is now available in two additional color schemes.