Best Study Hacks To Help You Prepare for Class 7 Olympiad

  • Simple equations

   Simple equations are mathematical equations expressing two variables only. But, for the olympiad, you might need to prepare for three variables and complex factors. So, the concept remains the same but the degree of toughness varies. This is the reason the olympiad exam needs thorough preparation.

  • Algebra, exponents and power

These are the typical topics from a standard class 7 maths textbook. One should expect familiar questions but the twist for the olympiad higher order thinking questions is that these are associated with patterns or derivation problems. That means the question’s statements are not straightforward and the answer is not in a single step. It would be a multi-step problem.

  • Cover tough topics first

The reason behind this philosophy is to not feel last-minute panic. In a situation where one has major tough bits of the syllabus pending, they are like to feel underconfident and unsure. So, one must cover some major tougher/complex concepts earlier during the practice period. There should be a balance of both, the basics and advanced level. This does not mean skipping the basics and starting retrograde preparation. The advanced levels of the cleared basics sections should also be practised alongside.

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  • Take a break

It’s important to plan break time as well. To have a plan does not mean to create a boring, stiff and dull routine. Taking breaks to change the mundane schedule and relax the mind is extremely important. It’s not at all a good idea to stress a lot about preparation for one single exam. The practice for preparation needs planning not stress. It’s an achievable goal with the right plan and mindset. The breaks are relevant to the schedule. It’s not fair to create stressful situations for yourself at such a young age. The primary motive of break is to give rest to your mind and neurons, take the tension off your mind. Just don’t take the breaks for granted and waste time. Be sincere about the schedule and respect your time. 

  • Pursue hobbies as well

Pursuing hobbies generates a creative thought process. The exams such as the Olympiad need creative thinking aspects of one’s ability to be functional. Hobbies help develop many skills and keep the person refreshed. The preparation phase is not synonymous with no fun or entertainment. But, at the same time, it should all be planned and organised. Extra fun or too much entertainment would be unhealthy for the exam preparation mode. It’s only by inculcating interests beyond rigorous academics that one develops a holistic personality trait needed for exams. Thus, pursuing hobbies during the preparation period is a breather, that every student needs. 

  • Hone your skills

Every student is blessed with skills one way or another. But, one needs to hone them, finish and polish them. The Olympiad tests skills such as logical and creative reasoning and analytical thinking. These skills don’t develop overnight. They need regular practice and touch with the concepts. One should be going to the exam with a rusty or dull mind and knowledge. The process of preparation is all about getting your skills ready for the big day. It’s only possible to develop logical reasoning and so by intense practice. Your brain needs to imbibe information to make clear concepts. There is no substitute for practice to enhance performance in exams.

  • Practise tips and tricks 

As already stated, practising is the mainstay of preparation. During extensive preparation, one develops an understanding of shortcuts, tricks and memory of similar concepts. These then act as tools and come in handy during the exam. The more you practise the better is your speed, accuracy and precision in the judgement of answers to the questions. Move ahead simply by revision of concepts and practising problems based on those. Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 7 Maths 2013 do more and more of such previous year question papers for better practice.

  • Talk to teachers and mentors

Your teachers and mentors are aware of your competence level in the subject. So take their advice very carefully. They would be the best guide and motivators for you. They might help you with the topics to spend more hours of practice on. Your mentors can guide you even beyond school hours. Listen to their advice carefully and follow them clearly and execute the plans of preparation as they suggest. Be prepared for routine class tests as well. Because only when the basics are clear can you focus on advanced level questions with confidence.

  • Mark calendar days for topics 

Your schedule must have non-negotiable deadlines. Mark your desk calendar for the deadlines of each topic. Marking the calendar keeps you on your toes and is a constant reminder to meet deadlines whenever you look at the calendar. A marked calendar means there is something to look up to and prepare for. It subconsciously allows you to be in a focussed frame of mind and to get things done. These are small things that push one to not postpone and get things done in the present moment.

  • Colour code your notes

The objective is to colour code your notes is to keep them interesting and segregated. For example, you can choose color yellow sheets for revision sheets of integers topics and keep pink for geometry and so on. This distinction helps the human brain to analyse information better. It helps the brain to remember things relating them to colour as well. Therefore, the retention capacity of the brain increases. The colours of the sheets or pens strike a connection in the memory immediately if the same is asked in the exam. These are small smart efforts that keep you ahead of your peers in the preparation process.

Try these simple yet effective methods to boost your performance in the Olympiad exam. Whenever you plan to begin the preparation process, do it keeping the smart tips in mind. The preparation period need not be long but focused to achieve success in the exam.

Do well.

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