Best Ways to Learn German by Yourself

You will find helpful tips and links to help you learn German on your own, both in a German-speaking country and any other place. It covers all areas of knowledge of the language, including reading, understanding, pronunciation, writing, and the study of grammar and spelling.

So, before you start German lessons, you should become well acquainted with the opportunities that exist today for systematic study and choose for yourself what you like, and help to learn German regularly, systematically, and in a complex.

Check the Programs of Courses

It is most preferable to learn German by attending German language courses, and this provides opportunities for communication and systematic study of grammar. You can always ask the teacher a question if something is not clear.

In addition, you can hear how the German language sounds, and when you make mistakes, you are corrected, which is also an integral part of the learning process. However, it is not always possible, time and money to attend courses, and it may be necessary to speak German, for example, when moving permanently to Germany. We will look at many of the opportunities available today, thanks to the Internet, to learn German on your own for free. 

It is not possible to make a list of all existing German textbooks. In addition, there are many specialized textbooks, for example, for adults, children, for the profession, beginners and in-depth study, etc. On the Publisher’s Web pages, you can find a list of manuals offered for sale and even a convenient service for selecting suitable textbooks, dictionaries, and other manuals.

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Use Learning Apps

Learning German is impossible to imagine without a good dictionary. It helps in understanding the meanings of words and their spelling and in replenishing vocabulary. Online or smartphone dictionaries also provide pronunciation options and plenty of examples.

Like book textbooks designed to teach German in courses or on your own systematically, various language schools and places in Germany have online classes or German lessons. These courses are free or need a small subscription fee, which decreases depending on the number of months you subscribe. They include online vocabulary and grammar exercises, reading and listening comprehension tasks, videos, etc. Some of them need registration, and others are available without it. Choosing books or online lessons is a matter of individual preference.

Try Free Online Lessons

Like free online lessons and courses, many applications have been developed for mobile phones – smartphones that help learn German. Some are full-fledged teaching programs, like German courses and learning games. Others provide support in one area, for example, dictionaries, vocabulary replenishment, vocabulary exercises, or grammar practice. In the following list, you will find a description of several programs helpful in learning German.

Considering the possibilities of learning German for free, one cannot help but feel the opportunities provided through channels and groups on social media. Some of them are created by various language schools or tutors of the German language and contain voluminous material for learning and practicing the language. Some groups have been created for communication in German, in which you can practice speaking and corresponding even with native speakers. Below is a list of popular channels and groups for learning German.

Private German teachers and tutors offer lessons in person or remotely via Video Conferencing such as Skype or other means. These offers are certainly not free. However, you can find recommendations from experienced teachers, and they are not very expensive.

Learn More With Internet Help

In addition to free German courses and lessons, there are also paid online platforms that offer the study of many languages ​​​​on the Internet. There is also the practice of oral speech with teachers, passing tests, and obtaining a certificate at the end of the course.

As discussed above on the page, the listening and spelling of this language can be studied and trained using textbooks, online courses, and vocabulary can be replenished using smartphone applications or flashcards. However, to successfully master the language, you also need to listen to it, read it, and practice your spoken German. It can be done when you have free time, such as on the road or doing everyday activities that do not require attention or concentration.

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