Buying the Best window AC brand in India is the Right Choice

The summer season has already arrived in the major parts of the country, and soon the temperature will move to the mid-forties. If you have an air conditioner, get it immediately serviced. However, if you are still considering purchasing a new air conditioner, buy the best window AC brand in India if you ask why I should purchase a window AC when so many other options are available. Well! This article will tell you why the window air conditioner will be ideal for you.

Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

An Affordable Way to Keep Cool

Perhaps the number one advantage of buying a window AC is that they are very affordable. Depending on your requirements and paying capacity, you can get a window AC unit for as low as Rs 24,000 and up to more than Rs 30,000 for the best 1 ton 5 star AC

However, the price you would like to pay for the window-mounted air conditioner will depend on your needs and expected usage. You will have to find out the area of the room you want to keep cool and the BTUs you will require for that space. BTU stands for British Thermal Units, and the number of BTUs your air conditioner will need to produce is directly linked to the room size. For example, a room of 150 sq. ft. will need approx—5,000 BTUs from your air conditioner to keep it cool.

Besides the BTU output of your window AC, the price will also differ from brand to brand and the features offered. However, every major air conditioner manufacturer in India offers a window AC in various sizes. However, the features usually vary from one brand to another. Choose the best window AC brand in India if you want maximum features.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

Apart from the low up-front cost of a window AC, it can also help you save more money thanks to its great energy efficiency. Window air conditioners have a high EER or energy efficiency ratio, so they do a better job keeping a room cool using less electricity. Every air conditioner must advertise its EER on the packaging to show you how much electricity you are saving.

It’s advisable to look for the Energy Star certification and the rating of the air conditioner, which will help you to save money by purchasing energy-efficient appliances. Ideally, purchase the best 1-ton 5-star AC to reduce your electricity consumption.

Window air conditioners are more energy efficient because they only cool one part of your home. It’s far better than purchasing a larger AC system to keep the house cool and paying a huge electricity bill. After all, you only spend time in one or two rooms; therefore, window AC is the better choice because it uses less energy and only cools the space you spend the most time.

Compact, Convenient, and Easy to Install

One of the major benefits of buying a window air conditioner is that it’s a very compact unit. Such air conditioners easily fit into any window in your home and are comparatively light enough that even you can install them on your own. You don’t need a mechanic to do the job because you can easily mount them into the rooms you use most. It can be your office, bedroom, or living room. Moreover, depending on your activities, such air conditioners can easily be shifted from room to room. A window AC unit also works like an effective air purifier which means you can breathe fresh air in your home no matter where you are.