Buzz Cut Styles worth Trying

Buzz Cut Styles worth Trying

by Rohan Mathew 

Buzzcut styles are easy to achieve and maintain. The barber trims your hair all around the head, leaving it at a short length. Most military and modern men rock in this trending style. 

You can get buzz-cut styles in many versions, depending on your hair type and shape of the head. Although the style mainly entails short hair, you can also choose to do a long version of the buzz cut and still look great. Combine it with a beard and a fade for a perfect and outgoing look.

  • Balding Buzz Style

For many years balding was a tricky thing for most men who like rocking various hairstyles. According to MensHaircuts, balding guys did not have a hairstyle to rock in until the balding buzz style was discovered. Most people choose balding because of their thin hair. Use this nature of your hair to your advantage. Add thick facial hair to make your balding buzz style pop.

  • Undercut Buzz

This style resembles your regular buzz cut, but it features shaved sides. Your stylist leaves a small length at the top and evenly shaves the sides. You can choose your preferred style for the hair at the top. The hairstyle is quite easy to style and maintain, as there is no much hair to work on. 

Undercut Buzz 

  • Ivy League Style

This has been the most preferred haircut for men for so long. The barber will give you an even cut on the sides of your head. Some volume and length are left at the top, and the sideburns are left untouched. This style favors people with slightly thick hair. 

  • The Masculine Cut

This style is achieved by leaving longer than usual hair at the top. The sides are evenly shaved with well-trimmed sideburns and beards. The style leaves your long hair looking neat. 

  • Military Buzz Style

Men in the military are urged to be tidy and orderly, and this includes their hair. Military buzz style is achieved by shaving the sides, leaving some volume and length at the top. The beards are clean shaved. 

  • Number 3

The number 3 clipper guard leaves a thick mane on the buzz cut style. It is a style embraced by most youths, and you can never go wrong with it. Try it on any hair type. 

  • Fade Buzz

The barber gives your sides a sexy fading cut, with the area around the ear towards the neck clean shaved. Older people mostly prefer the style, and some youths also rock it. 

  • Buzz On The Top

Clean-shave your edges, and leave some well-trimmed length at the top. These are the main highlighters of your buzzed top. Ensure you visit a barber who knows how to do the style well. 

  • Training Buzz Cut

Most fresh military guys wore this style when they joined the military, hence the name training. It is a simple style to achieve and maintain. Your stylist trims the edges and leaves some short hair on top.

Training Buzz Cut

  • Crew Cut

Crew-cut style is low maintenance and easy to achieve. Most guys prefer it because it gets rid of unnecessary hair. You are also leaving your most gorgeous parts visible. The stylist uses clippers and a comb guard to achieve the style. 

  • High Bob Cut With A Line

This cut leaves the guy looking fresh and sharp. It suits well people with a strong hairline because it is easy to style. The fade will be more visible on darker hair.

  • Burr Haircut

The burr look is achieved with a mid-bald fade which is easy to achieve and maintain. The style is also not picky with hair types and can go well with straight or wavy hair. 

  • Number 4 Buzz

If your to-go style is clean and simple, then you will never go wrong with the number 4 cut. However, the style requires you to have a straight front hairline with thick hair. The style is mainly worn during summer and with a beard. 

  • High And Tight Buzz

The stylist trims your hair, leaving a buzzed top, and pairs it with faded sides. To maintain the style, trim your hair weekly or after you notice some growth. You should also get your sides shaved when you are cutting the top.

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