Can I File a Lawsuit If I Was Hit by a Car in a Parking Lot?

Several accidents occur in parking spaces. When only automobiles are involved, trivial fender benders are frequently the result. However, the consequences can be catastrophic when a 3,000-pound car strikes an unprotected pedestrian. Even a low-speed collision can result in incapacitating injuries and substantial medical expenses.

Most of these pedestrian incidents in parking lots result from driver negligence. If you were struck and injured by a car while strolling through a parking lot, you might bring a personal injury lawsuit against the driver with the help of an attorney.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians that are Typical in Parking Lots

In parking lots, pedestrians may be struck by cars in a number of common methods, including:

  • Distracted driving includes texting, chatting on the phone, altering the radio, drinking and eating, and daydreaming. A preoccupied motorist may fail to detect a pedestrian until too late.
  • Drivers can become indifferent to their surroundings, including vulnerable pedestrians, if they are preoccupied with locating a parking space.
  • Without checking for pedestrians before reversing from a parking spot, pedestrians frequently pass directly behind parked vehicles in parking spaces. A collision could occur if a driver reverses without ensuring no pedestrians are in their blind areas.
  • Pedestrian negligence — Sometimes, pedestrians can be partially to blame for accidents in parking lots. For example, a pedestrian might get preoccupied with their mobile device or fail to use available walkways

What to Do in the Event of a Parking Lot Accident Pedestrian Accident

After an accident in a parking lot, completing as many of the following steps as feasible will strengthen your compensation claim:

  • Obtain the driver’s contact information —Do not speculate, apologize, or acknowledge fault regarding the accident. Only the driver’s name, phone number, insurance company, policy number, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration number are necessary.
  • Collect evidence – Take photographs and/or videos of your harm, the vehicle that struck you, the accident site, and any other pertinent evidence. Visual evidence may boost your case against the at-fault driver significantly.
  • Collect data from eyewitnesses — Talk to any disaster witnesses and request their contact information. They may be able to provide testimony in your favor.
  • Notify law enforcement of the accident —Unless serious injuries are involved, law enforcement will typically not respond to an accident in a private parking lot. 

However, it is always advisable to disclose the collision to the police. They may still produce a report or at least document the location and time of an accident, which could help you obtain compensation from the insurance company for the driver at fault.

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