Checklist: what to ask at the interview

When someone hires an employee, they need to know something about the person who they are hiring. It doesn’t happen that an employee is hired without a single question at all, and in any case, a person must pass an interview. But just as an interview is needed for an employee in order to get a job, it is needed for an employer to conduct it in such a way as to understand whether this person is suitable for work in this place, how he’ll cope with the job, whether he can get along with the team, whether he has plans for career development. Hiring the wrong person can be costly, which is why candidates are selected very rigorously in all interviews. 

And accordingly, in order to better understand who is sitting in front of you, you need to ask a person about something that is related to what he’ll do. And provided that the employee who is being interviewed will answer honestly, there is a chance to get to know him really deeply. But unfortunately, how honestly a person will answer depends only on him, and you will not be able to find out some things if you are lied to about them. But in any case, there will still be a trial period, and you will fully see how a person can work. And if you are an employee who is reading this article, but looking for a job, try to find job in Oman, where you can find great job offers in this country. Also, read up on potential interview questions ahead of time if you manage to find a job that you like.

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How would you describe you as a person and worker using just one word?

This task may be more difficult than it seems at first. You can only choose one word, and the problem with that is that by using only one word, you’ll reveal only one side of yourself, while you need to reveal all the necessary ones. By asking this question, you or your interlocutor is trying to determine the type of personality of the person in front of you, the degree of his self-confidence, to assess creativity and self-esteem, and to find out whether the style of work of the person you are talking to corresponds to the style adopted in the company .

The correct answer to this question would be any word that characterizes you and at the same time relates to what is needed when you’re working in the chosen job. For example, it is important for an account manager to be sociable, for an artist to be accurate, and for a doctor to be precise. These are examples of what can be said, but in any case, you yourself need to think about what you should say when answering this question. A person in itself is a multifaceted and comprehensively developed being, and when choosing one word, it is important not to show oneself from the negative side, as a person with inflated conceit.

What can you say about your strengths and weaknesses?

If you want to learn even more about how a person sees and evaluates himself, you can ask him just such a question. It is important to understand that everyone has pros and cons, there are no absolutely perfect people, just like absolutely bad people. If the person with whom you are talking adequately can correlate his good sides and not very good ones, this is a clear sign that you are a mature person and a good worker. If, on the contrary, the person to whom you asked this question fell into a stupor, or named only advantages, this means that the person has not yet grown up to an adequate understanding of himself. The answer “I have only pluses and no shortcomings” immediately shows the main shortcoming of the respondent – inadequate self-esteem. And this can have an extremely negative impact on the work of a person in a team, and on his productivity in general.

What will you do if you win a large sum of money? And what would you spend it on?

This question has two purposes: to understand the financial maturity of the employee, and to find out how his plans will change if circumstances change. That is, a person will also remain at his workplace if he no longer needs money. What will be the correct answer to this question, each employer decides for himself, but the most obvious correct answer is to say that you will not leave your job, spend some of the money on your needs, and invest some of the money in something. In general terms, if you were so lucky, this would be the right decision in such a situation. If an employee is irresponsible and careless about his money, he will also treat the work and finances of the company.

What are you most proud of as an employee?

It is important not only that you want to work and get paid for it, but also your attitude to the work that you have to do is important. This is how employers who want to hire someone think and ask him this question. Your attitude to work, your desire to develop, improve something or even create something new, directly affects how you’ll do your work, and not only on the process, but also on the final result itself. An employee who does work for money will be less successful and less useful than one who enjoys what he does and wants to develop it.

It is important for the employer that you answer this question with an honest and clearly articulated answer. If you proudly talk about your past work experience and accomplishments there, you can expect to be able to say the same about your current job in the future. And if you can say that, then you did your job perfectly.

Have you made mistakes in life, and how do you deal with them?

What is important for an employer is not that a person (allegedly) always works flawlessly and accurately, but how he copes with the mistakes made. Let’s be honest, everyone makes mistakes in different ways. Someone made small mistakes in life that didn’t really change anything, and some of them completely changed their fate with their mistakes. All people make mistakes and this is absolutely normal.

In turn, the employer wants to have an employee who, even if he makes a mistake, will not stop and start to stagnate in one place, or run away from responsibility. We need those who are able to take responsibility for all their misdeeds, and be able to correct them, and eliminate the consequences of their mistakes. Those who know how to do this are highly valued, and can be good workers in any field. And those who say that he never makes mistakes, I personally would not hire. Why do I need an employee who will never admit his mistakes and correct them, and I’ll have to do it for him.

Would you like to open your own business?

Every person at least once in their life thought that it would be cool to become a rich businessman, and not work for someone, but only for themselves. But if you’re looking for a job, it’s obvious that you’re still far from being a CEO and have to work at a regular job. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with saying that you thought about such an opportunity, and tell your personal attitude towards it. But if you’re too eager to share your business plans, the employer may consider you an unreliable employee who’ll soon leave work and they again should have to search for a replacement. As in all other cases, you should be careful with the answer, and be wise.

In turn, if you know that you have good leadership qualities and everything you need to be a successful CEO, you can tell about it, if it’s true, because for any employee they’ll not be superfluous, but rather the opposite. Perhaps in the future it will even somehow help your career growth, and the employer will be able to rely on you for something more serious than a regular office job.

These are just general questions to ask anyone who comes in for an interview. And of course, this is not all that is worth asking, since this data is not enough to have a complete picture of the employee. It is worth asking those questions that will first of all reveal the employee specifically for your workplace, since each place has its own rules. And you can also ask what is mentioned above in order to evaluate the versatility of the employee, if this is important to you.

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