Common Types Of Birth Injuries Mothers And Kids Become Victims Of!

Everyone wishes to have a newborn that has good health and no medical complications after birth. However, many deliveries result in children with various kinds of injuries and illnesses due to the negligent conduct of doctors during childbirth. Many injuries could have been prevented if the doctor had practiced the standards of care. Birth injuries are emotionally draining and lead to numerous complications in the lives of the parent and child. It is financially stressful as the parents face conditions requiring expensive remedies and treatment to ensure the child’s wellness. 

If your child has been a victim of similar birth injuries, you can file a claim and get compensation for all the damages resulting from the negligence of a responsible medical practitioner. Make sure to contact an experienced attorney handling similar cases so that you have the best legal team to secure a successful outcome. 

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Commonly observed injuries among newly born children

Childbirth injuries occur due to physically traumatic experiences or medical conditions that do not receive the required treatment before, during, or after childbirth. Most childbirth illnesses are generally mild in nature and treatable on their own. However, various other injuries have life-altering results and can damage the overall health of the child for life. Some of the severe childbirth injuries are as follows:

  • Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a type of illness that causes impairment in the affected individual’s motor functions, balancing skills, and posture. Infants who are victims of cerebral palsy face similar symptoms. Cerebral palsy is generally caused due to traumatic experiences on the head of the newborn at the time of delivery or when they are deprived of oxygen.

  • Paralyzes in the face

In some cases, the paralyzed face is when the newborn cannot use one part of their face or board. It occurs when the facial nerves experience damage due to extreme pressure at the delivery time.

  • Oxygen deprivation

Medical practitioners are liable for measuring the oxygen levels before, during, and after the delivery of newborns. Even the slightest changes or alterations in oxygen levels can lead to significant damage in infants’ brains, leading to disabled cognition and physical conditions. 

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  • Cephalohematoma

Cephalohematoma takes place due to the accumulation of excessive blood under the scalp. It causes hypertension, anemia, and jaundice among newborns. 

  • Brachial plexus injuries

Brachial plexus injury occurs when the nerve bundle responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the arms is disabled. It occurs when the head and shoulder of infants are overstretched at the time of delivery which ultimately causes damage to the nerves.