Complete Guide to Car Accidents, Car Accident Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney

Complete Guide to Car Accidents, Car Accident Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney

by Paresh Bramhane

Accidents are a daily occurrence in today’s society. The risk increases as the days go by, and more vehicles emerge on the roads and the easier it gets to obtain a driver’s license. 

Even with drastic advancement in technology like the development of the rear camera, forward collision systems and adaptive lights around the roadside, there is not much one can do when confronted with an accident. However, getting yourself an attorney to present your case from The Callahan Law Firm can help with the decisions that need to be made.

The severity of an accident is not the sole factor that impacts the effect the happening has on a person’s physical and psychological well-being. Not only that, but in the worst-case scenarios, a person might be left with long-term disability or a massive hospital bill. 

It is during times like these where you need to and should get compensated for the damages caused to you at the hands of the negligence of another person. If you are based in Huston, then a Houston Car Accident Lawyer can be your ticket to receiving compensation. 

Some of The Most Basic Reasons for Car Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them

Greater than 80% of car accidents aren’t solely based on the decisions made by the person behind the wheel or how good or bad a driver might be. More than 95% of accidents happen due to human error, which could be avoided.

With the statistics provided, it is best to educate drivers and raise awareness of human errors, leading to devastating consequences. It is reported that most times, the drivers are aware of their mistake and feel guilty for the outcome as well. Below, we will discuss the common reasons that car accidents happen and how you can make an effort to avoid making them.

Driving When Distracted

Earlier before the invention of the smartphone, the only distraction people had while driving would be thoughts on their mind or an important phone call they had to attend while driving. But now that technology has evolved, and every person is glued to their smartphones, especially young adults are seen using the phone while driving. These distractions lead to fatal accidents every year. 

The best method of avoiding an accident is to avoid indulging in any activity that leads you to divert your focus away from the road. Other measures can include using Bluetooth headsets to receive calls or stopping the car on the roadside to attend to any essential affairs. 

Over Speeding While Driving

Over speeding is a prevalent and valid cause of car accidents globally. Most people have confessed to over speeding at least once in their life sometimes even breaking traffic laws such as going above the recommended speed limit or passing a red light, both of which can have a horrible ending. 

Recklessly driving above the speed limit leaves little room for hitting the breaks and stopping in time before a collision occurs. Slower speeds provide more room to reduce the speed and avoid accidents.

The reason for over speeding stated by many include being late to an appointment, work, or wanting to cut travel time short. On the other hand, there are people that over speed to have “fun,” trying to overtake other drivers and sometimes even ending up in a case of road rage.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Celebrations occur on a daily basis; hence alcohol consumption is also a part of these celebrations. However, irresponsible drinking when one is aware they need to drive on the way back home is a cause for concern. Driving and drinking are two things that cannot and should not be mixed as the end result can be devastating.

Alcohol in your system slows down your cognitive functions and delays your response time, both of which can be fatal should you want to avoid an accident from occurring. 

The acceptable level of systemic alcohol levels in the blood that can be considered safe to drive is below 0.08%. If your blood alcohol levels are above 0.08%, you are considered legally impaired to drive and can be arrested for driving under the influence. However, any level above 0.00% can also result in you being charged.

The best way to avoid getting arrested or letting a misfortune unfold due to reckless drunk driving is to assign a dedicated driver for the night; this should preferably be a person that will not be drinking during the gathering.

It is also important to note that alcohol is not the only factor that reduces concentration when consumed. Certain drugs and medical prescriptions can also alter your attention span and reduce your reaction time. 

Jumping Red Lights

Traffic laws are developed for a reason, and traffic lights are timed to provide you enough time to get across and avoid accidents. However, when you ignore the red light or do not reduce your speed upon viewing the yellow light, you increase the risk of collision. 

The most compelling reason for jumping a red light for most drivers is the need to save time or assume that the road is empty anyway. However, driving cannot be left on assumptions and recklessness as they can result in human errors and eventually accidents. When a driver decides to jump a red light, they not only put themselves at risk but also put the pedestrian and the person on the other side of the road at risk.

Not Wearing Seatbelts 

Safety equipment like helmets is essential when driving on the road with a bike. Simultaneously, it is mandatory for drivers to wear seat belts worldwide, ignoring which results in a fine. Several pieces of research have proven time and again the importance of wearing seat belts and helmets by linking them to reduced fatality rates.

Fatigue and Improper Rest

Statistics have revealed that more than 330,000 drowsy driving accidents occur in a year. The reason for fatigue can extend from not getting adequate sleep to taking medications that reduce one’s concentration. Moreover, overworking has become a growing concern in recent years, where drivers leave their workplace often exhausted to the point of being out of condition to drive back home.

What every driver can do before embarking on their journey is to get enough feel and avoid taking medication at times when it clashes with their driving routine. 

Other Causes Unrelated to Human Error

At times certain conditions are out of the hands of the person behind the wheel. There is little that can be done in this case except taking precaution well beforehand to avoid any accidents. Such events include weather conditions; heavy rain and snow can reduce visibility and lead to slippering road conditions. There is a huge probability of losing control of your vehicle during these weather conditions. 

On the other hand, extreme fog during the winter months can often lead to days with almost zero visibility. Under these conditions, it is advised to avoid driving on the roads until the weather settles. It is recommended to drive as safely as possible in case of emergencies, often driving slower than the standard speed limit. 

Secondly, poorly maintained roads can also be a major cause behind fatal accidents. There is an increased risk of tire puncture, getting stuck in a pothole, or losing control of the car when trying to hit the brakes to avoid damaged roads. There is not much a driver can do regarding road conditions except trying to take alternative routes to their destination and avoiding potholes. 

Lastly, defects in your vehicle, too, can be another cause; vehicles require regular maintenance and inspections. Failing to get your vehicle tested at the right time can result in not only an accident but also hefty fines. 

Car Accident Lawyers and their Importance

Car accident lawyers, sometimes also referred to as personal injury lawyers, are trained to represent car accidents cases. The motive behind hiring a car accident lawyer is to get compensated as much as possible for the damages caused to you during a collision to pay for any financial burdens which may accompany it (i.e., hospital bills). 

The legal steps that have to be taken post-accident can often be overwhelming and out of control for an ordinary person to handle, especially an injured individual. Navigating a car accident and recalling pieces of information alone is not only time-consuming but also a difficult task. It is during these cases when a car accident lawyer can be of great significance.

Sometimes car accident cases end up in courts, and a single person who is unaware of legal jargon and their right can end up losing a winning case; hence it is always advised to have a legal representative to speak on your behalf.

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