Comprehensive Guide to Lightsaber Types

To avoid being duped into purchasing a fake lightsaber, let’s discuss the essential characteristics that authentic ones must have.

The closest copies of the lightsabers shown in the Star Wars films, television shows, or anime are what are known as true lightsabers.

When used in warfare, lightsabers resemble sword-like weapons because they feature a plasma beam and hilt. The genuine lightsabers have these hilts and blades that can light up when they are triggered.

This color can be altered to suit your tastes or preferences. To give the most accurate representation of lightsabers, the genuine ones will also include sound effects like humming, a crackling sound when one lightsaber impacts another, etc.

When looking for lightsabers, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as the best lightsaber in the entire universe.

There is a perfect solution, but it frequently depends on your preferences and available funds. So, if your lightsaber katana has the essential components, it’s already the finest!

Things to consider when purchasing a lightsaber

These lightsabers were a singular innovation unto themselves and the defining weapon of wildly successful television shows and motion pictures, ensuring that they were adored by all.

The use of these swords adds another allure to these lightsabers. How they are able to effortlessly cut, melt, and burn a variety of materials As a result, the market is filled with an infinite variety of lightsabers.

We have outlined the features that you need to be aware of before buying to make the purchasing process easier.

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Blade Lights:

There must be visual effects on the lightsabers. However, the graphics of the lightsaber are slightly unsteady, making the weapon appear to be vibrating.

The additional sound effects enhance these sights and bring out the light sabers believability.

You may even be able to modify the colors of some blades. A high-quality blade will enable a seamless change from blue to red.

Therefore, lightsabers with many colors or the ability to switch lights on and off are preferable.

Sound Effects:

According to the fundamentals of a lightsaber, each one must have sound effects, such as a buzzing or shimmering noise that blends with the humming of the projector motor.

However, because each blade has a particular set of sound characteristics, you must search for the blade that provides the most accurate sound effects, including, if at all feasible, motor sensor-controlled sounds.

Power Options:

Batteries are typically used to power lightsabers, and AA batteries are the most popular type available on the market.

These can be included in the bundle or you’ll need to buy them. It goes without saying that the sword won’t be able to carry out even the most basic tasks without power.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the power-saving features that various lightsabers offer when examining the features for purchase.


Design is yet another important consideration while purchasing a lightsaber. Here, we’re discussing the characteristics and aesthetics of the hilt. Typically, you may get metal or plastic hilt in the market.

Make sure the plastic handle of the military grade lightsaber you choose has the durability to withstand intensive cosplay battles. Additionally, you should use light sabers so that the hilt will appear and feel authentic.

Star wars lightsaber types:

Here are the Star Wars lightsabers we provide in order to provide our customers with the greatest possible options:

The lightsabers from The Phantom Menace are said to have been handcrafted as a part of a Jedi or Sith training regimen. The Phantom Menace featured a dual-bladed lightsaber for the first time ever (initially depicted in the comic series known as Tales of the Jedi).

They were created by joining two normal swords; the blades stand apart from one another and can be used separately or combined to form two lightsabers.

Piker Lightsaber

A lightsaber piker (a lightsaber with a smaller blade but a larger grip, roughly mimicking the shape of a spear) and a Tonfa-style lightsaber with a right-angle hilt were presented in the video game “The Force Unleashed.” Regular lightsabers with curved hilts are what Count Dooku wields.

Fusion Lightsaber

There are several different kinds of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, including short and dual-phase swords (these can be doubled in width or length).

Ezra Bridger’s personal green lightsaber in the film Star Wars rebel saber is a hybrid sword with a fully operational blaster pistol built into the handle.

Two-bladed Saber

The lightsaber that Kylo Ren possesses and uses in The Force Awakens has two crosshill blades, which gives it a great sword’s distinctive and elegant appearance.

The canon reference books described the sword’s flaming and flickering appearance as “… Coming from a fractured Kyber crystal…” The Galactic Empire’s inquisitors are shown as using a special kind of double-bladed sabre that is mounted on top of a rotating ring, allowing the blades to rotate 360 degrees and giving it an advantage in short-term flight capabilities.

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