E-surveillance: A ray of hope

E-surveillance: A ray of hope

by Paresh Bramhane

In this world full of rising threats where no one is secured from politicians to the common man, surveillance is something that has given us a ray of hope. 

There are different modes of surveillance, some of which are listed below:

1) Physical surveillance- It is the oldest form of surveillance. This includes people preferably calling security personals to be physically present at the site. This method is usually employed in the security of highly precious objects or guarding a VVIP. Though this method is the oldest it is also the most efficient method in serving its purpose. This method of surveillance is also considered to be one of the most expensive, due to the involvement of men presents physically.

2) Electronic surveillance- This form of surveillance has been in use for the last 5 decades. It involves the use of CCTV cameras, wiretaps, radios, G sensors, etc. Here physical proximity to the venue is no constraint. Guarding can be done by a place far from the venue. This method requires not more than one man who keeps watching all the live feed. It is the most used method currently in the area of surveillance. Also, the operating cost is at times less than physical surveillance.

E-surveillance introduction:

Electronic surveillance also abbreviates as E-surveillance is the act of keeping track of homes, industries, or any individual. This can be accomplished by using a variety of means such as the deployment of CCTV cameras with cloud video surveillance enabled, wiretaps, etc.

Cloud-based security systems for businesses are the new big thing. These are fast, modernized, efficient, and more secure. There has been some hesitation regarding cloud-based security systems, but those are all hoaxes. No infringement of privacy takes place in this system and it also is completely legal.

Rather cloud video surveillance is more effective for monitoring purposes. If we consider the traditional CCTV cameras then what do we have, a camera that records and stores everything but does not have a live feed feature and the wire constraint is also present. While in cloud security systems the cameras not only record and store but also give live feed wide across multiple devices either on computers or mobile phones. This increases the accessibility of users to their footage and lives feed. This also prevents the chances of the destruction of the storage unit as it is available across multiple places.

Places where E-surveillance is used dominantly:

  1. Banks and financial institutes:

 Surveillance is of paramount importance in places like banks and financial institutions. Since the storage vaults there contain someone’s precious items. These items may include jewellery, property papers, essential certificates, bonds or any other such precious items. Second most important reason for employing E-surveillance in places like these is that they also have a lot of hard cash within their 4 walls at any given time. So it is vital to have e-surveillance systems fixed. A guard can always keep an eye on the movements in, out or around places like these. In case any activity is suspected the security can be alerted promptly to deal with it. 

  1. Museums:

Museums are places with items as old as  the age of a country. Some items  kept there even belong to the dinosaur age. Vandalism at places like these can’t be tolerated. So e-surveillance systems are deployed to keep an eye on these things during visit hours and even after dark. Art works in some museums are expensive beyond money if sold at the right place. For instance the famous Monalisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The fossils of the gigantic beings who once walked on the earth that is the dinosaurs. The museum can’t expect to have the fossil demolished just because some people engaged in a fight to have their photos clicked first. These are the catastrophes which the authorities are trying to avoid by installing e-surveillance systems.

  1. Public places:

Use of e-surveillance systems is prevalent in places like parks, railway station, roadside corners etc. These are the places where the authorities are most likely to find a notorious thug. So e-surveillance systems are pre installed here to catch them red handed.

Some vital advantages of E-surveillance are listed below:

1) Less theft and vandalism: Deployment of these security systems create an atmosphere of security. Criminals before committing their crimes would think twice because the chances of them being caught would also increase severely. Also, the video quality in E-surveillance is far superior to the standard CCTV security cameras.

2) Easy to install: E-surveillance security systems are easy to install than anticipated. After listening to cloud video terms we anticipate perhaps a very technically complex setup. But a camera connected to your systems with logging into the account and perhaps an internet connection is all that is needed.

3) Better retentivity and accessibility: Here the storage point of data and recordings is not a physical entity. Rather it is cloud storage so no constraint of storage limit and the fear of destruction of storage is eliminated. Improvement in terms of accessibility is also registered as the footage from E-surveillance can be streamed across the globe on any device as long as an internet connection is present.

4) Economically affordable: In contrast to the traditional CCTV security camera setup system, the E-surveillance system is much more affordable. In the traditional system, the costs included in the setup were comprised of CCTV cameras, wires, a storage unit, a damn good protection box for storage unity. Whereas in E-surveillance security system the expenses comprise only of the required number of CCTV security cameras, an internet connection and that’s it the storage is done in cloud storage which can be accessed whenever required.

5) Observation eye: If the E-surveillance system is installed in a production unit or a factory. Then it is more convenient for the owner to have an eye on employees on how efficiently they are working. The presence of these things in the first place makes the laborers work efficiently as they know the owner is watching.

To sum up

There is no doubt that E-surveillance is a boon in today’s world. You get so many benefits and above all peace of mind. 

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