Everything you need to sue a trespasser

It has become common to read articles in the newspapers that a burglar who has trespassed someone’s property has encountered an accident on the premises, and they have sued the homeowner. Cases like these are irritating and have no valid grounds as, in the first place, the burglar should not be there. In Roswell, the property owner is responsible for keeping their property safe for the visitors. If any harm has happened to the visitor while they were on someone’s property, then the property owner could be sued if you find yourself neck-deep in a case like this, contact a Roswell premises liability attorney

Suppose you have invited people to your house or you have visitors over, and any part of your property is not well protected and can cause physical harm to the other person, then you will be fully responsible for taking all the responsibility of that person in case they are injured. The people coming to your property will not know the condition of your property and can land up in unwanted situations. To avoid such nuisances, you should, as a responsible person, put up cautionary signs. 

But what in the case of a trespasser?

You are at no fault, nor you are bound to take any responsibility for a trespasser. Suppose you were negligent in repairing a defect or put cautionary signs that will not make you liable for any injury that a trespasser had encountered. But the owner or the occupier of the property will be held responsible if they have willfully injured the trespasser. Check out some cases where the owner has to take the liability for the trespasser.

  • If the owner or the occupier is carrying out any dangerous activity.
  • If parts of the premises are unreasonably dangerous.
  • If the owner or the occupier is aware of the trespasser’s frequent visit and still has neglected to take any steps to repair the defect. For example, if the owner of a certain property knows that children trespass on their property to take shortcuts. 

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If you are caught doing some immoral act by trespassing the property, then you really have to try hard and prove your innocence as the owner of the property will not be liable for your injuries. But if you entered the property with no cruel intentions then you can sue the property owner with the help of a premises liability attorney. 

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