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Nagpur, a well-known city in Maharashtra, is recognized not only for its culture, heritage, tradition, and history but also for its delectable cuisines. Meals in Nagpur not only provide a tantalizing taste of cuisine but also an outstanding opportunity to learn about the ingredients, tastes, and preparation or cooking methods. Rice, chapati, lentils, and vegetables constitute the city’s major basic meals. Order food online in Nagpur to taste the delicious cuisine of this city. 

Food Culture of Nagpur, Maharashtra 

Rayatas, lonche, sandage, papad, catnis, and kosimbirs are some of the famous savory delicacies enjoyed by both locals and international tourists. Pickles and sweets created in the city have distinct flavors. The most well-known kinds are Ambyache lonche (pickle made from mango), Mirachiche lonche (pickle made from chilli), Mohoriche lonche (pickle made from mustard), and Limbache lonche (pickle made from lemon). 

Some of the must-try dishes to order online are: 

Following are some of the food items that you can consider when you decide to order food online in Nagpur 

Saoji Delicacies 

Saoji food is said to be Nagpur’s trademark dish, and it is quite spicy and mainly non-vegetarian. Special spices used in the meal give Saoji dishes their distinct flavor. The curries are created with trotters (paya), chicken, and offal and are cooked with a variety of spices. Popular delicacies include fish and egg curries, prawns, and chicken and goat meat served with Indian naan and rice. 

Biryani And Kebabs 

Matka biryani is Nagpur’s specialty. Matka biryani is often served in a copper pot with mutton or chicken; however, some vegetarian establishments prepare the dish with vegetables. Kebabs are one of the most common non-vegetarian foods in India, and Nagpur is no exception. There are several non-vegetarian eateries and shops in Nagpur that provide tasty chicken and mutton kebabs. You can get everything from chicken tikkas to seekh and boti. 

Tarri Poha 

Tarri poha, a famous street snack, is a Nagpur breakfast specialty. While the majority of the country enjoys dry poha or flattened rice, Nagpur adds a distinct touch by serving poha with a thick and spicy gravy. This meal is excellent and healthful since it is made with rice flakes, onions, and tomatoes and served with Tarri (a rich gravy). It is topped with aloo bhujiya, finely chopped onions, and a squeeze of lime. 


Patodi is a Maharashtrian dish cooked with besan that is high in protein. Patodi is made in Nagpur using a red, spicy curry. This dish is famous in Nagpur and is best served with roti. 

Moong Dal Halwa 

Moong dal halwa is a flavorful delicacy that is both auspicious and pleasantly sweet. This treat, topped with almonds and cardamom, is popular in Nagpur’s sweet shops. 

Kombdi Rassa (Chicken Varadhi) 

Kombdi Rassa is made with red curry and just the proper amount of spice. This dish is prepared at Maharashtrian non-vegetarian restaurants and is particularly popular among Nagpur residents. It is served with bhakri or chapati, and some people prefer it with steaming rice. 

Orange Barfi 

Orange barfi is a Nagpur specialty. This is a must-try dessert for anybody visiting Nagpur, and it’s created using the city’s famed oranges. Santra barfi is a type of fudge that can be found in most dessert shops. It’s creamy, tangy, and sweet. You must taste this sweet, even if you don’t like sweets; you could change your mind about liking sweets. 

Misal Pav 

Misal Pav is a spicy Maharashtrian meal that is popular in most cities and towns throughout the state, including Nagpur. Misal is eaten with pav and is cooked with onions, a spicy masala, and a potato chiwda mix sprinkled on top. If you appreciate spices, this meal is arguably one of the most delicious, wonderfully balanced, and texturally interesting cuisines you can eat. 

Phall Curry 

Phall curry, often known as the hottest curry in the world, is like eating fire for supper. It’s made using masalas, including the world’s most popular chili, as well as tomatoes and fennel seeds. 

Pitla Bhakri 

Pitla is a traditional Maharashtrian meal. It is made from powdered Dal and is served as a pasty meal. Pitla is traditionally served with Bhakri, a bread prepared from Jowar or Bajra flour. 

Cheese Kofta Curry 

Cheese Kofta Dish is a tangy, tasty curry with tiny dumplings (either bottle gourds or onions). The inclusion of cheese enhances the flavor of the hot gravy meal. It’s usually served with naan or rice. 

Methi Tikka Masala 

Methi Tikka Masala is a tasty gravy meal made consisting of methi tikkas. The nicest aspect of this recipe is that it is both tasty and healthy. The iron-rich green leafy methi is used to make the methi tikkas. This dish is typically served with chapati, naan, or paratha.  


Sandage is a blend of many pulses such as masoor, urad, chana, tur, and moong. It’s soaked and ground with hing, chili powder, and cumin to make a batter. This batter is formed into little balls or chips and dried in the sun. After that, they’re cooked in masala with daal, onion, brinjal, or fish. 

Bharlali Vangi 

This is a popular way to prepare brinjals or baby brinjals that are flavored with coconut, onion, jaggery, and Marathi Goda masala. This concoction works wonderfully for brinjal. 

Taambde Curry 

Mutton, fish or other types of seafood are used to make this meal. It refers to a “watery curry,” a “juicy preparation,” or a “red curry” cooked with chilies. 


Thalipeeth is Maharashtra’s most well-known and distinctive cuisine. Thalipeeth is made using multigrain flour, vegetables, and a variety of spices and is eaten with ghee or yogurt. 

Tandoori Chatpate Aloo Cheese Roll 

Tandoori Chatpate Aloo Cheese Roll is made with tandoori aloo, cheese, and a generous amount of spice. It’s accompanied by tomato ketchup or green chutney. 

Final Thoughts: 

The traditional Nagpur food is celebrated in many hotels and restaurants. Tourists may easily order food online in Nagpur to sample these traditional specialties. Aside from these, Nagpur has a variety of meals and desserts. When you visit Nagpur, you must sample all of these delicacies to please your taste buds and senses. 

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