Feathered Hair Ideas to Try

Feathered Hair Ideas to Try

by Rohan Mathew

Since the ‘80s, feathered hair styles have been on the trend. Different celebrities like musicians and actors wore them, hence their popularity. These hairstyles can be styled in different ways. You also do not have to worry about the length of your hair for this style. 

These are perfect hairstyles for people with thin hair because they add volume to the hair. Feathered hairstyles also make your hair less voluminous if you have thick hair, making it a suitable style for all to try. Getting a fringe after setting your feathered hair style will make your face appear slimmer. It is also an easy-to-maintain style.

  • Short And Feathery Haircut

Doesn’t it feel good to have a low-maintenance hairstyle that you just need to wash and go? Well, if you don’t like to struggle to look for the next way to style your hair, this is the style to go for. The cut makes your blonde highlights more noticeable.  According to LoveHairStyles, this hairstyle is particularly great for ladies with short feathered hair. However, you can also rock it if you have mid-length hair. 

  • Bob With Feathered Side Fringe

The side fringe brings a difference to the style and brings contrast against the length. The feathered fringe will make your facial features more pronounced. As that happens in the front, more volume is seen at the back to keep your style worth admiring.

Bob With Feathered Side Fringe


  • Textured Pixie Cut With Feathering

If you are thirsty for voluminous hair, you can try a textured pixie cut on your feathering hairstyle. Texturing adds volume to hair by pushing it up and out. This ensures that the air is well concentrated, hence more volume. 

  • V-Shape For Curly Hair

While some people are looking for volume, others want their curls to have less volume.  A V-shape hairstyle will give shape to your curls and maintain the softness, and it also ensures the hair is less bulky. 

  •  Layered Feathered Hair

If you have thin long hair, it is your chance to try styles that will be perfect for you, and the layered feathered hair is one of them. The hair has long bangs, which are shaggy and which softens the face. 

  • Messy Feathered Hairstyle

If you are a fan of messy haircuts, you need to give your long straight hair some short chops. Doing so will give you the thought of big waves on your hair. Adding some auburn hair color to the style makes the strands pop more and look messy.

Messy Feathered Hairstyle

  • Feathered Short Hair With Layers

To give this short feathered hair cut a better look, dye your hair dark blonde. This also adds length to the front strands. The style will fit women over 50 years better but younger ladies also find it attractive and sure, it is. However, this is a high maintenance hairstyle so if you opt for it you would want to be ready for regular visits to the salon.

  • Natural Wispy And Voluminous Long Hair 

For ladies with long hair, long wispy hair is a go-for hairstyle. So if you have elongated feathers, you would want to give a shot to this stylish hairstyle.  A wispy hairstyle such as this appears very much better when you get a blow-dry.

And for a ridiculously versatile and more wearable style, consider pairing your hairdo with highlights and lowlights and apply bold brown shade.

  • Blonde Mid-Length Hairstyle With Layered Feathers

Adding a side fringe to shoulder-length hair never goes unnoticed. You can add life to the hairstyle by dyeing it blonde to make the highlights more visible. Ensure you get a blowout to complete your feathered look. This will give your strands more volume. 

  • Wispy Long Bob

If you want to get a modern look from your mid-length hair, style it in the feathered hair layers hairstyles. The layers reduce the bulkiness that voluminous hair comes with. Make your hairstyle pop with highlights. You can dye the edges blonde or gold.  

  • Shoulder Length Feathered Hair With A Fringe

Some hairstyles women wore in the 70s are coming back to fashion, and this is an example. Many celebrities wore this hairstyle, hence the popularity. Ask your stylist to add a fringe to make your style more beautiful. 

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