Four Tips Successful Artists Practice in Drawing

Drawing or illustrating is one of the fascinating skills in the world. Artists such as Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and other modern-day artists remained a great inspiration for thousands worldwide. 

One of the most popular illustrators today is Melbourne-based Megan Hess. She is one of the most unique and most fashionable illustrators in the world. Currently, Megan Hess prints different kinds of fashionable and artsy illustrations from books, cards, portraits, and murals. 

She became popular when she illustrated the bestselling book Sex and the City of Candace Bushnell. She also illustrated Coco Chanel’s book, billed as “Coco Chanel: The Illustrated Life of a Fashion Icon”. 

Just like everybody else, Hess started as a nobody. She started from the bottom. But, her love for her art was her driving force to become successful. But it didn’t come easy. 

So, if you’re feeling down and having difficulties with your drawing skills, here is our list of tips to help you improve your skills.

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  1. Don’t Stop Learning Something New

Many aspiring illustrators are under the impression that they don’t need to learn or add something to their skillset. Always remember that there is always room for something new. Learn how to adapt other genres in drawing for you to become more flexible. 

Learning new skills and techniques helps you draw your piece easier. It also expands your knowledge and creativity. Constant learning will also help you discover the right genre or style of drawing, whether cartooning, realism, geometric, diagrammatic or landscape. 

  1. Don’t Stop Practicing

It may sound so cliche, but practice does make perfect. The more you practice your drawing skills, the more you improve your muscle memory in every stroke of your pencil. That very hard detail you’ve failed to draw perfectly will eventually become naturally easier for your hand to draw. 

If you feel like enrolling in a drawing class, then go for it! ? If you believe the people there can help you improve your drawing skills. Or perhaps, ask for some tips from veteran illustrators, you might end up having a mentor. To practice, you need to spend one to two hours a day with your handy sketchbook and draw the detail you find the most difficult. 

  1. Base Your Subjects from Everyday Life

If you’re a newbie to drawing, it would be a good starting point for you to choose simple objects you can see in your daily life. You can draw fruits, objects, people, or animals. Do not jump on the more complex subjects because you’ll end up frustrated. 

Always start on the simpler subjects. You can even start by drawing a picture of your hand, feet, or furniture pieces in your home. It helps a lot in building muscle memory in your hands. If you familiarize yourself with drawing simple objects, you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to draw the more complex subjects. 

  1. You Must Have A Strong Will 

If your intention to draw is to jump on the trend, then there is no sense of direction with what you’re doing. It would be best if you had first the intention that you want to become an artist. You must have a will and a commitment to learning how to draw and improve your skills moving forward. 

You must spend regular time every day if you want to pursue becoming an illustrator. Drawing for artists is their habit; it’s not something they do when they’re bored. It’s already part of their daily routine, and they enjoy every second they spend on it. Presently, Megan hess prints and draws different pieces every day. She loves to draw anything that comes to her mind and picture it out through her drawings. Drawing for her is already part of her life. 

If you don’t have that kind of motivation, then drawing must not be your thing. 

Final Thoughts

Drawing is a complex but very accomplishing art. Successful people in this field of arts spend most of their lives perfecting their skills to create jaw-dropping masterpieces. They followed what was mentioned above and didn’t stop. 

Learning and mastering skills in drawing is not an overnight achievement. 

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