Getting AWS Certification: Why is Now the Perfect Time?

Cloud Computing is the hottest trend in the IT industry right now. Many organizations have transferred their applications and infrastructure to the cloud. This has led to an increased demand for cloud computing professionals. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform where you can build applications with features like scalability, security, content delivery management system, mobile networking, etc. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon and is the most popular cloud services provider. Companies like Netflix, ESPN, Twitch, Facebook, BBC, and LinkedIn use AWS for their cloud services. AWS leads the cloud computing market with a 33.8 percent global market share. If you are aspiring to start or move your career in cloud computing, you must consider getting AWS certification. It is a globally recognized certification and will open the doors to many good opportunities for you. The benefits of AWS certification are as follows:

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  1. Cloud computing is the future: Most of the workload is being transferred to the cloud. Cloud provides a large scale of benefits. It is cost-effective and cuts down the high maintenance and integration costs that are generated in traditional methods. Cloud computing offers a high level of security. It provides scalability and can be altered according to the requirements. Having an AWS certification will help you to keep up with the current and upcoming trends. The demand for certified professionals is also increasing. Since AWS is the leading cloud service provider, it is beneficial for you to get certified in AWS. The revenues of AWS have been on the rise. AWS constitutes the majority of the global market share. 
  2. Better salary: AWS certified professionals are paid more than non-certified professionals. Having a certification shows that you have the skills to meet the industry trends, and you have put sufficient effort to develop the required skills. According to the Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification is estimated to improve the salary by around 25.9%. The average salary of a certified AWS professional is about $113,932. You can get a good salary even as a professional. There are certifications targeted at beginners. You get an opportunity to work in the leading companies. These companies pay well and give you a good opportunity for career growth. Cloud computing will be in the market for upcoming times too. Certification helps you to keep yourself at par with the upcoming technologies. The certification objectives and contents are upgraded from time to time based on the latest advancements made in cloud computing. 
  3. Increase the visibility of your resume: Having AWS certification in your resume will boost your profile and help you stand out among a pool of aspiring candidates during a recruitment process. Employers give higher preference to certified candidates than their non-certified counterparts. You can easily make it through the screening round of the recruitment process based on your profile. Even within your organization, you will enjoy the trust of your seniors. Certification proves that you have the required skills to handle urgent issues. You will get opportunities to work in challenging roles. Also, you will get promoted easily and earlier than non-certified employees. Most of the clients demand certified employees to work on their projects. Some tasks can be tedious, and clients want the best solutions. This is why they prefer authorized employees who understand all the aspects and can provide the best possible solution. Hence, you are considered an asset to your organization.
  4. Enter in the top trending AWS community: Having AWS certification gives you opportunities to expand your professional network. You get recognition after being certified. There are communities of cloud computing professionals like the AWS certified global community where cloud professionals worldwide connect. You get opportunities to attend conferences, meetups, and other gatherings where you will meet different people from different professional backgrounds. It helps you to learn and grow and gives you a broader aspect of your job. You get to know and learn about other opportunities and development made in this area. A good network also helps you to get good opportunities in other companies. 
  5. Opportunity to develop professional expertise: AWS certification exam is not easy. It requires your commitment and efforts to pass this exam. You are required to solve practice papers and study a lot to prepare for these exams. A certification shows that you invested in learning AWS. You are motivated to work in cloud computing, and you are keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry. There are so many AWS certifications that you can earn to gain credibility and improve your skills. You can join online training courses which industry experts lead. They will guide you and prepare you for the AWS certification exams. The kind of questions asked in the AWS certification exams requires you to be highly skilled and have in-depth knowledge of your objectives. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. You must understand the applications of the technology and should have significant hands-on experience in the same. The questions asked are scenario-based and tests your decision-making skills using your knowledge. 
  6. Become a subject matter expert: Only certified members can become subject matter experts. You become eligible to access the SME program after you get certified. SMEs are a crucial part of the exam development process and are involved in organizing workshops. You get an opportunity to learn more about AWS feature sets. Hence you contribute to the exam process, and it acts as an added credential in your resume. 
  7. Employers are benefited: Companies with certified AWS professionals can join the AWS Partner Network (APN). They get the status of AWS partners. These organizations gain access to an extensive range of resources and training to provide better support and services to their customers. There are several tiers in the partner programs, and the number of benefits increases as the company moves to the higher levels. The more the number of certified employees in an organization, the more benefits the organization can get from AWS

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