Goals of protection of database in applications

Goals of protection of database in applications

by Mahesh Kokare

The era of today’s time is technological and the speed with which people are investing in the smart technological products is increasing at an extreme speed. With the increase in the usage of smart products, cybercrimes have also increased with great intensity. Today almost every other person possesses a smart phone. People have become an addict to their mobile phones today. In this era of social media, it has completely transformed the way of communication of people with each other. People are able to communicate with each other instantly and everybody is just a message or a second away from each other. But with this, problems related to the security of the application installed have also increased. Sometimes the application is not protected and it leads to corruption of data or damage of the entire data. The security aspect of the application shall be protected at all costs so that its consumers do not suffer any emotional damage.

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The popularity of the application is completely dependent upon the aspect of the security. There are various vulnerabilities that are involved in the usage of the application but this is what is required to be cracked by the top information technology professionals. They are also called as ethical hackers. Today everything is digitalized and there are very less things that are there in physical form or on paper. So, the security of the database of the companies becomes all the more important. Sometimes the entire database of the companies gets hacked and leads to the leakage of very sensitive information that can ruin the path of success of the company. Application security is important so that the data that is fed in the application is protected by all means and at all costs. The authenticity of the product should be protected so that the person feels secured in feeding the data and secretive information of the company or any personal information for that matter. Modification and the non-authorized access are extremely common activity by the hackers. The top professionals of information technology have to find all these loop holes and conquer them.

It is kind of a battle between the hackers and ethical hackers in general sense. Testing is the only means that can help in scanning all the possible vulnerabilities in the application through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). There are various goals of app security which can be listed as follows: –

  • Protection of data: – The database of various companies that is stored in huge capacities in an application. Sometimes the company employs separate employees for the purpose of maintaining the security of data.
  • Confidentiality: – The integrity and confidentiality of the data is required to be maintained. The data should be fed in such a manner so that it gets encrypted and it is not easy to code by the hacker.
  • Integrity: – The encryption of data is done so that it becomes impossible to decode and maintain the integrity. 

So, we understand the facts that why it is important to maintain the security of applications.

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