Hence Meaning In Hindi | Hence का मतलब हिंदी में

Hence Meaning In Hindi

Find Out What Is Hence Meaning In Hindi | Hence जानिए क्या है इसका मतलब | Translation Of Word Hence In Hindi | To Know More About Hence Click Here

Hence Meaning in Hindi

What is the meaning of Hence in Hindi?

Hence Meaning in Hindi is:

  • इसलिये (isliye)
  • अतः (Antha)
  • अतेव (Atev)
  • इस कारण से (Is Karan Se)
  • अब से (Ab Se)
  • इस जगह से (Is Jagah Se)
  • इस वजह से (Is Vajah Se)
  • यहां से (Yaha Se)
  • इसी करण से (Isi Karan Se)
  • लिहाजा (Lihaja)

Hence Hindi meaning is used differently in different sentences according to the context! Using the word Hence in Hindi becomes slightly different than in English because in different sentences different forms are used.

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Hence का हिंदी में अर्थ

Hence का हिंदी में अर्थ क्या है?

हेन्स का हिंदी मतलब है इसलिये | हेन्स का अर्थ समझना आसान है लेकिन ये अलग अलग वाक्य में अलग अलग प्रकार से इस्तेमाल होता है| इस शब्द को  विशेषण से प्रयोग किया जाता है|

Hence meaning in English

What Is Hence meaning in English?

Hence in English means that why or as a consequence for a reason. Although informally people use the word Hence everywhere even if they talk about anything related to reason or excuse. But the correct way of using the perfect form of a Hence to make the correct sentence is mentioned in the examples at the end.

Translation Of Hence in Hindi

Hindi Translation Of Hence Is

  • इसलिये (Hence)
  • हट (Hence!)

If you search for Hence Hindi translation, it will show you इसलिये. But if you translate a sentence containing Hence to Hindi, it may contain any of the meaning of Hence in Hindi.

In both, you will find that Hence translate in Hindi is different. Hence means in Hindi is easy to understand but use Hence Hindi translate or say the accurate meaning of Hence in Hindi for that particular sentence, one has to see some examples regarding how to use Hence in Hindi.

Hence ka Hindi Arth

Hence ka Hindi arth kya hain?

Hence ka waise to matlab hai isliye, lekin Hence ka Hindi arth alag alag sentence mein alag thrah use  hain. Meaning of Hence in Hindi to ek hi hain.Hence in Hindi ko hum examples se jaada ache se samajh payenge ki kis jagah kaise use krna hain ye word.

Examples Of Using Hence In Sentences

Hence in Hindi as an adverb:

Hence meaning in Hindi can be used as an adverb as depicted:

#Example 1

Hence it is not possible due to certain reasons.

इसलिए यह निश्चित कारण से संभव नहीं है।

(Isalie yah nishchit kaaran se sambhav nahi hai.)

#Example 2

Cold drinks are not available hence we cant serve it.

कोल्ड ड्रिंक उपलब्ध नहीं है इसलिए हम इसे सर्व नहीं कर सकते।

(Cold drink available nahin hai isaliye hum isse serve nahin kar skate.)

#Example 3

The noise is loud in the classroom, and hence I could not hear what you were saying.

कक्षा में शोर जोर से है, और इसलिए मैं यह नहीं सुन सका कि आप क्या कह रहे थे।

(class mein shor jor se hai, aur isalie main yah nahi sunn saka ki aap kya kah rahe the.)

#Example 4

Shoes are not appropriate hence he is not wearing it.

जूते उपयुक्त नहीं हैं इसलिए उन्होंने इसे नहीं पहना है।

(Joote upayukt nahi hai is lye unhone isse nahi pahana hain.)

#Example 5

He is not going hence his plan is canceled.

वह नहीं जा रहा है इसलिए उसकी योजना रद्द कर दी गई है।

(Veh nahi jaa raha hai isliye usaki yojana radd kar di gaye hain.)

#Example 6

Hence he is not selected due to lack of information.

इसलिए जानकारी के अभाव में उनका चयन नहीं किया गया।

(Islyie jaankari  ke abhaav mein unaka chayan nahin kiya gaya.)

#Example 7

He lost his keys hence he is not able to open the door.

उसने अपनी चाबी खो दी इसलिए वह दरवाजा नहीं खोल पा रहा है।

(Usne apani chaabi kho dee isliye veh door  nahin khol pa raha hain.)

Final words:

This was all about Hence meaning in the Hindi language. Through the examples above one can see how different versions on Hence in Hindi are used in a different sentence. There is no accurate present Hence Hindi meaning. It is used according to the context of the sentence.

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Hence Meaning in Hindi?

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