Here's Why You Should Add Videos To Your Marketing Strategy

Here’s Why You Should Add Videos To Your Marketing Strategy

by Ramit

With 49% more engagement than photos, according to SproutSocial, it’s no wonder that videos are increasingly popular. As we all know instinctively, it’s easier to watch videos and it’s fun enjoying an array of images, music and color. Moreover, it’s so easy to create videos with an online video editor that it would be crazy to miss out on this trend. Make a promo video by first selecting your perfect template and then customizing it accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make a video. 

Boost your Marketing Strategy with an Online Video Editor 

Video creation takes some planning to first make sure you know who your target audience is. Then, you can design video clips that suit their tastes and preferences. They will then be more likely to watch your free video online. 

Before you edit videos with your online video editor, try to find ways to incorporate the following tips: 

  • Appeal to emotions and captivate 
  • Create stories
  • Generate trust 
  • Greater click through
  • SEO advantage 
  • More conversions 
  • Encourage sharing 
  • Connects with mobile users 

Appeal to emotions and captivate 

Use the features in your online video editor to appeal to people’s emotions. Do you want them to feel joy or sadness, for instance? Music, colors and audio will help you get this right along with the perfect images. You can either film your own content or leverage the templates from the video maker options to give you a starting point. 

Create stories

As social beings, we love stories. They help us dream and imagine a better future. You can also use nostalgia of the past if that’s going to enhance the message in your video clips. Either way, try to build a story when you work with an online video editor. 

Generate trust 

There’s so much content online these days. Searching for anything on Google or social media can get overwhelming and we simply don’t know who or what to trust sometimes. That’s why it’s important that you show the real you when you make a video with your online video editor.

What does the human side of your business look like? Who is on your team and what are your values? If your target audience can answer those questions when they watch your video clips, you’ll have them wanting to believe you. They are then more likely to follow your call to action after you edit videos.

Greater click through

The average click through rate is 7.5% higher for display ads, according to Smaato. Although, Databox says it goes up to 5% on YouTube. People want to watch videos online. So, get the right online video editor and tap into this potential. 

SEO advantage

65% of business followers went through the site for branded videos rather than images, according to Hubspot. Furthermore, Google is now searching for online videos with its algorithm. In essence, sites showing videos for free will rank higher. 

Of course, you can still combine text with any output from your online video content. In fact, this is a good way to further enhance your video clips. 

More conversions 

If you’re still in doubt about video editing, consider that a free video on your main page increases your conversion rate by 80%, according to wordstream. Don’t forget that many online video editors are also free. Imagine what that can do to your profits? 

Encourage sharing 

The great benefit of any video online is that it’s more shareable so you can encourage greater organic traffic. Wordstream even states that social media videos get 1200% more shares. That’s an incredible number that you can also benefit from with your online video editor. 

Connects with mobile users 

Around 60% of users in the US access social media on their mobiles, according to Statista. All of these people have the potential to view your video ads. People like to watch videos on the go and that might even help them connect to the idea of buying your product. 

Clearly, you need to work out how to target the right people with your online video editor. Nevertheless, there’s huge potential to reach an even wider pool of people.

Using an Online Video Editor for your Marketing strategy 

Marketing is about reaching the right people at the right time. You need to know your target audience’s habits and preferences before you get started with video creation and video editor tools. Either way, the huge potential of video ads, coupled with social media, is undeniable. Every business needs to have a social media video marketing plan. So, don’t get left behind and find the right online video editor to boost your marketing results.