What is homework? 

The work, the task, the assignments, the activities, etc that are done outside of a classroom or any other formal or informal setup of learning and teaching can be called homework in a layman’s language. Homework has always existed as a crucial part of learning but if there is anyone thing that we all hate the most as students, teachers, or even employees is homework, right? If we all collectively could give the ‘most undesirable thing in the world’ award, homework would have been an all-time winner. People say that homework is as old as education, but did you know – Roberto Nevilis is the one we have been acknowledging as the inventor of homework. It is believed(not proved) that Roberto invented homework in 1095 to- 

 make sure that his students remember whatever was taught in the class, punish his students for being indisciplined, etc. 

But everyone since ancient times and even today in the modern times dislikes the concept of homework, but is homework really that faulty? Homework plays an important role in child development and it is important to alter your methods as you move to online classes apps. 

Let’s find the answer. 

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  • MASTER YOUR JOB- Teaching is the one profession that requires constant learning. The syllabus or pattern might keep changing and the teachers should keep themselves updated. For example- the covid 19 outbreak made education shift online and the teachers who knew how to teach online were able to continue teaching through various teacher apps, while the teachers who didn’t, had to make extra efforts. Hence, it is important to keep doing your homework. 
  • BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT- Teachers generally spend the 5 to 10 minutes of every class figuring out what to teach or maybe where they left the topic the other day. But those 10 minutes can be saved and can be utilized in doing other activities to enhance student’s knowledge and personality. Activities such as quick puzzles, short questions on general awareness, or current affairs might help the students be better in academics and life. 
  • EXTRA TIME FOR REVISIONS- Teachers who plan their teaching pattern and teaching plan in advance tend to save more time for revisions than students need the most. Revisions are helpful for students to understand the concept better and test their understanding too. Especially in today’s time when teaching online requires extra time and effort, pre-panning or homework can play a key role to get the best out of online teaching or teaching in general. 


  • BRINGS THE BEST OUT OF YOU- Homework helps students to put their best foot forward and give their best in the class. Homework makes a student get a deep and better knowledge of a topic and hence, the students can easily answer their teacher’s questions without doubting themselves. This interaction and presence in the class might put extra stars on the student’s shoulders. 
  • TIME-SAVING ACTIVITY- Homework can be finished within very little time if done consistently without piling it up. Teachers do take care to not overload their students with homework and they also make sure to include learning within the homework. If done regularly, the homework can itself prepare the students for the weekly or monthly class tests as they are a practice or revision activity for the students. Hence, the students can save plenty of time and energy feeding everything into their minds the night before the test. 
  • INCULCATES DISCIPLINE WITHIN THE STUDENTSHomework makes students do things that they do not feel like doing. These little steps form into great good habits in the future. There is nothing more important than discipline in a student’s life as it keeps them progressing little by little every single day, even when they do not consciously try to be disciplined, their homework makes sure to play that part.

Just like every coin has two sides the same way homework has another side too. This face of homework is not known to many children. It’s only as adults we realize the importance of homework. Maybe it’s not the children’s fault, maybe it’s the stereotypical image and negative constructs about homework that have forever existed in our education system. But the times are changing, our society is ready to deconstruct and unlearn the things they don’t feel are right. Parents and teachers play a major role here. They should help their children understand the concept of education first and then introduce them to the actual homework. Making homework a fun activity can totally change the perspective of children towards education. 

We hope we were able to show you a wider picture of homework, keep learning! Thank you for reading.

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