How can teachers advance their careers?

Teachers, like any other professionals, often wish to “climb the ladder” and advance their professional careers. Today, with the advancements in the field of education, there are a number of options available, especially for experienced teachers, to step forward in their teaching careers. However, quite often it so happens that individuals lack the precise knowledge about exactly what they should do in order to make their career progression a smooth experience. In this article we mention the best career choices available for teachers today, to advance their teaching careers. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the most rewarding options for career progression available for teachers today….

Private tutor-

Highly skilled teachers can make a fortune by giving private tuitions to students. Moreover, this profession provides you the freedom to teach when and how you wish to without bothering too much about classroom propriety. Nowadays, with the advent of online teaching, being a private teacher is even simpler and fruitful. From teaching calculus online to online music classes, almost every subject can be taught effectively in an online class. Moreover, online teaching provides several advantages such as greater flexibility, greater reach which is especially beneficial if you are a private tutor, time-saving, and allows teachers to create dynamic course content. Some good online teaching sites further simplify the teaching process through features such as digital whiteboards, online teaching through mobile, automated attendance, seamless teaching in low-data mode, automated fee collection system, and likewise. These features make online teaching a good fit for private tutors in helping them single-handedly manage to teach a large group of students, with minimal time and effort spent on organizing and managing classroom activities. Therefore, becoming a private tutor today has the potential to really give wings to the career of an educator. 


Becoming a School Principal-

Many teachers, especially the ones who exhibit great leadership skills may see themselves suited for more administrative roles within the school management. As a principal, your job is to oversee, both the day-to-day activities at your school as well as contribute towards deciding the vision and mission of the institution. You are also tasked with providing support to any staff member or a student, their parents, or any lower-level management employee. They are vital for the development of the unique culture of the institution and in setting objectives for faculty members and students to follow. Most principals are former teachers with a wide range of teaching experience. Moreover, one also needs to have an advanced qualification and also certification for the post of principal.

Student Counselor-

Teachers can also grow to become student counselors at schools or work as private student counselors. In this capacity, you have to counsel the students and their parents about the choices they should make regarding their future, based on their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and achievements. In order to get an estimate about a student’s strengths and interests, student counselors generally conduct quizzes and workshops which are intricately designed to reveal the relevant information about the test takers. In this way, they can pinpoint exactly what a student requires and where their interests lie, and also the factors which are affecting a student’s current academic performance. They also guide students through workshops, group activities, or face-to-face sessions. They also work in close coordination with the school administration, teachers, and the parents of the students to ensure that the students achieve success. In order to become a student counselor in India, one needs to have a Master’s degree in Clinical or counseling psychology or any other specialized field. 

Become a Department Head-

Department heads earn more than regular teachers. They act as liaisons between the educators and the school management. An educator needs to have a certain level of experience in teaching a subject, in order for them to be considered for the post of department head. This is yet another great option available for teachers for career advancement. 

Teaching is a noble profession that also provides self-satisfaction and a range of great opportunities to progress in one’s career and give more back to the students and to society at large. The aforementioned tips shall prove immensely helpful for teachers looking for a change in their teaching careers. 

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