How Do I Start Earning Money Online in 2021?

Whether your goal is financial independence, earning some extra with a side-gig, or fully transitioning to working remotely in the future, these are all worthy goals. In the current day and age, your office job may not be sufficient, or not at all what you are wishing to do in the future. That’s why having a plan is so critical, and your actions now have to match what you want to see play out in a few years. Working online is a dream for many, and if you overcome the obstacles that come your way while you approach it, you will reach your destination.

There are many jobs you can do as a freelancer, full-time or part-time when looking for something online. Look at it the same way you would at your regular jobs- there are plenty of them, and the choice will come down to your qualifications, experience, and desire. What are you good at? What do you see yourself doing in a few years? Do employers share the same views and value you? What if you want to be your own employer?

Evaluating Your Options

If you are native in the English language, or at least proficient in maintaining enough to maintain business relations, you’ve got many doors wide before. Companies all over the world are waiting for you, you just have to knock at the right ones, that will suit you and vice versa. If that’s not the case, your options might be a bit more limited. That means that you should probably work on that in sync with moving online, upgrading your skills, and the value you represent as an employee.

What do you do right now? It is a simple job that can be replaced at any moment? If that’s the case, you should work on your skills ASAP, as the era of automation is coming soon, and being replaceable is not an option. If you are a valuable technical analyst or an excellent web designer, all of that can be sold online. After all, you provide your skills to a business that requires them right now. You can do the same online. Instead of driving to a completely different part of your city for a more-or-less uncertain employment opportunity, you can do the same online, much faster and more efficiently through Zoom meetings.

The same platforms that you can look for local jobs, also offer remote and online options. If you want something, you have to act on your desire. That’s the only way you are getting some. How else would you expect to land an online occupation? If you demand that of yourself, it will happen. The more you further up the ladder of your career, it may require physical presence at more frequent times, but the world is ever-changing. Maybe everyone but the CEOs will be working remotely in the future. At least that’s what it seems where we are heading.

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Consider Starting-A Side Hustle

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Working on your own thing may seem scary, less secure, and uncertain. And that’s because it is. There are definitely more risks involved when going on your own, but the rewards are also much higher. There are plenty of online businesses you could start, and it’s a matter of personal skills and directions that are open for you.

A friend of mine from Qatar, who is also an entrepreneur, has recently published an excellent article on how drop-shipping works. It’s all the rage right now because it works, and it’s a rather simple business. To learn more about it, go to, and click the translate button to read the piece. It’s absolutely worth the brief time it takes.

Making The Moves

If you are working full-time right now, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest switching that up for working full-time remotely, unless the position is THAT GOOD and you are certain it’s going to go well. You don’t want to come back crawling to the office begging to take you in again. Although that really wouldn’t be that much of a disaster, compared to losing employment.

The best bet would be to start supplementing your income from home. If work a standard 9-5, that’s only forty hours a week. You could definitely fit in more hours into that. Even twenty, at the same pay rate(although it can be higher!), is already a bump of 50% to your working time, and thus the same increase to your paycheck. That’s 25% to add to your savings. Not bad, isn’t it?

If you take on flexible jobs, that don’t require you to be on a certain schedule, that has even more potential. Taking on more than one job may seem hard enough, but the broader your options, the better the choice you can make. In the end, it’s up to you to choose a career to follow. Here is a good list of many of the online career choices right now.

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