How The Claim of a Personal Injury Case Is Calculated?

If you are planning to file a personal injury claim to get financial aid, you should know how much you can get. To compensate for the medical expenses and vehicle damages, it is suggested to calculate the amount. However, it is not possible to estimate it on your own. You will need a Vermont personal injury lawyer to do it for you. He can look at the facts of the matter and inform you whether the case is valid. If it is, he can evaluate factors on which the value of the claim is dependent. Some of them are explained below:

Personal Injuries or physical injuries

Mostly, the value of the claim depends on the nature and extent of the injuries. The medical costs and expenses are calculated based on the reports and medical bills. If the injuries are severe and need treatment for a long time, the amount may be more. An attorney can review the reports and work with your doctor to know the value.

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Damages to vehicle or property 

Another factor that has a great impact on the value of your claim is the extent to which your car or vehicle has been damaged. The attorney will get in touch with the insurance company that will pay the repair costs. He will get the details and include these costs in the claim. 

Loss of income

If you are going to file a claim on your own, you might not know that you can get compensation for the income that you have lost due to an accident. An attorney will be able to do so. That’s why it is always a good idea to contact a lawyer right after getting injured in an accident.

Pain and suffering after an accident

An attorney can calculate the value of the claim based on the pain and suffering after an accident. It includes physical pain and suffering.  If you are experiencing serious pain while getting the treatment, it amounts to compensation. The medical reports and doctor’s notes can help clarify this aspect of the claim.

Mental health

Many people get depressed after the accident and suffer from poor mental health. An accident can have a bad effect on people’s mental health to a great extent. The injured person can include this while claiming the compensation.

A personal injury lawyer can help you file the claim by including all of the above factors.

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