5 Ways Time Tracking Can Help Freelancers Increase Productivity 

5 Ways Time Tracking Can Help Freelancers Increase Productivity 

by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Be it a business owner, freelancer, banker, baker, or programmer; everyone has only 24 hours in a day. Well, spending that time wisely or not so wisely can yield different results for everyone. Even if you think that you are spending your time well, there is always scope for improvement. 

But how can you achieve this? Well, time tracking software can work as a game-changer and help you eliminate distractions. 

As a freelancer, it will not only help you complete your tasks faster, but using online payment software it will also help you get paid faster. 

From Distracted To A Focused You 

In 2000, the average human span was 12 seconds. Unfortunately, it has dropped to eight seconds after two decades. Moreover, as a freelancer, you do not have people around you to hold you to account. It can get tough to stay focused. 

The never-ending saga of toggling between your smartphone and laptop, taking screenshots, and checking that interesting news update can be detrimental to your work. 

But, now that you have made your mind to track time, be ready to stay goodbye to these habits and embrace a productive you. Here is how you can benefit from time tracking. 

1. Greater Awareness of Time Spent 

Many freelancers make incorrect estimates on how long it takes to complete a task. This results in putting out proposals and cost estimates which are not worth your effort. 

At the end of your project, were you able to meet your expectations? Were you able to deliver the project as per the needs and make a profit? 

Well, you can spare yourself the guesswork and exactly know how much time you are spending in a day. When you know precisely how long it took you to complete a project, and if you need to put more effort into your next project, you will have a great understanding of your work. But, how is this possible?

Time tracking software can help you get the correct numbers and analyze where you spend most of your time. Suppose you find yourself spending your time on activities that are not profitable, like invoicing party expenses or simply setting up other processes. In that case, it is time that you revamp your schedule. 

When it comes to keeping up with bill payments, you can always use online payment processing software to raise invoices, send them on time and get payments faster.  

2. Increase Accountability

Have you felt bad spending your time on social media looking at that latest dog video? Well, we all have been there at some point in time. However, time tracking software can keep you accountable for all the time that you spend.

So, whenever you get back to work, and you see the timer, you will be guilty of wasting time and look for ways to stay focused on tasks. 

This does not mean that you don’t take breaks. You can always choose to add your breaks under the time tracking log and give it a heading say, “Surfing the net.” Thus, you will have ample clarity on how much time is utilized in doing work and taking breaks each day. 

Moreover, you will no longer need to wonder why you are not free for that extra project or why you miss a particular deadline. Time tracking solutions always give you a clear account of the time spent and how you can fix your schedule.

3. Enhanced Focus

Well, when you know a timer is running, it can be a great incentive to stay focused on a task. Many freelancers keep several tabs open while working.  

It is good that you can research easily, but on busier days, you may click on the wrong tab and start another task. In some cases, you can totally forget about the task you were working on. However, time tracking software helps you prioritize and solely focus on the task at hand. 

Moreover, it will boost your morale and help you complete work faster. Furthermore, when you regularly analyze how efficient your day was, you will be motivated to check off your to-do list and even take on new projects. 

4. Automate Invoicing Procedure

Gone are the days when you needed to maintain spreadsheets to charge your clients. We all know it can get extremely messy and time-consuming to switch between sheets and then do calculations. 

However, time tracking solutions can integrate with online payment processing software and create invoices for you based on the hours you have spent on your project. This will eliminate guesswork, and you will get the exact hours you have worked. 

5. Use Time Constraints to Boost Productivity

Are you someone who mandatorily needs a deadline to finish a task? Does pressure bring out the hidden efficiency in you? If the answer is yes, you are going to love this technique. All you need to do is first set a timer and then get the best work done!

It has worked well for many professionals, and this is why productivity methods like Pomodoro techniques have gained popularity.

Moreover, it will help you get engaged better with yourself and get deeper work done. So, whenever you work on a project, do your task as you usually would. Next time, set a goal to complete it in 70% of the time it took you earlier. Measure the time and analyze the quality of your work; you might surprise yourself! 

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Summing Up 

Now that you know how time tracking software can help you, it is important to remember that you will not be perfect at it the first time. Changing behavior and breaking old habits can take time. While the transition is not going to be easy, it will be worth it. 

You’ll be able to take up more projects by managing your time efficiently. Moreover, there are endless possibilities other than measuring time. Make sure you integrate it with online payment processing software to stay on top of your bills and payments. Who knows you might even rise to become one of the most productive and known freelancers in your community or state!

Still skeptical about tracking time? Cast aside your worries and take the plunge to become a more productive version of yourself!

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