How To Buy The Vacuum You Need

How To Buy The Vacuum You Need

by Ramit Kaur

Going to a vacuum sale is like arriving to the candy store, being overwhelmed by the colors and choices the candy world has to offer. Each new candy promises a different flavor than the last, as the older candies you’re used to eating stick around for a bit and get marked down in price. 

When you go to something like a Dyson vacuum sale in Australia, they put discount incentives on their older models until they are gone. Paving the way for stick vacuums (the new flavor) who become the cool kids on the block, and it’s a hard-earned title. 

Cable-free and around the 5-pound range, Dyson’s cable-free models are easy to move around and comfortable to handle. Which brings us to the most expensive candy—I mean cable-free vacuum, of all! 

The Dyson V15: 

The V15’s humble brag is a green laser light that manifests from the front of the motorhead and this light shows the dust in your cleaning path. It has a mechanism that actually tells you the size of these dust particles in question. Lastly, this laser also is capable of automatically change the power level of the vacuum to match how much cleaner your floors will be.

The V15 is made in mind for people with severe dust allergies and people who also want the best of the best. As I mentioned before, because it’s been looked at and reviewed the best of the best, it also has a matching price tag suggesting that. However, no fear!

According to the professionals at Dyson Australia, Dyson vacuums are known to be expensive when they first roll onto the market scene. Some on Dyson sale, could cost more than $800. There are older versions that can be found at $400 or less though and still work pretty swell. 

Let’s break down what to look for, when it comes to buying your version of the best vacuum cleaner: 

Sign 1 = Animal: When a Dyson model is called an animal, they’re basically telling you that it’s a vacuum that won’t hurt your wallet. They cost less than $600 and have the fewest attachments to clean afterwards. You know, for the 9 to 5 hardworking men and women out there. 

Sign 2 = Absolute: If you think the word Absolute sounds exclusive, then you’d be right about that. Dyson Absolute’s are only $50 or more exclusive than animal models. However, it does include one to two extra attachments for nooks and crannies. 

Sign 3 = + : Plus is always better! This sign on a Dyson vacuum means that it has an extra clever feature attached. Take the V15 Detect versus the V15 Detect + as an example. The plus model includes a low-reach adjustment which allows it to flex right in the middle in order to reach under furniture…CLEVER!

Sign 4 = Outsize: This is a sign that it’s made for large homes to go along with its large price tag. However, because of the extra expense of $800 or more, you’re not left hanging. The Outsize models have more suction power, and larger bin to hold icky things, and they even give you an extra battery pack. 

And always remember, when in doubt, Dyson has a friendly customer service line. They were made to help serve you. 

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