How to resolve excel running slow

It’s frustrating when you can’t do your job as smoothly as you want. You can’t do more because the required software loads too slow. You might have to watch an episode on Netflix while waiting for it, the time you could have used productively. 

In this article, you will find out the causes of Excel running slow and how to fix it. These are ridiculously easy ways to increase the processing speeds. Let’s start with why this is happening in the first place.

Causes of excel running slow

I will mention a couple of solutions later in the article, so you can scroll down and solve the problem. But to adequately proffer effective solutions, you need to know ask one question. Why is Excel so slow? 

These are the common causes why your excel is not responding:

  • Too many volatile functions  

Volatile functions change rapidly in excel. This is because the value stored in them becomes new whenever the software calculates the variables in a cell. So when you have many of these functions on a spreadsheet, it can cause excel to slow down. 

  • Using invalid names in the Name Manager 

As days and months pass, and you keep using excel, the number of files stored increases. Therefore, the Excel software will have much referencing to do. If you do not choose the names in the “Name manager,” you will have names with special characters and numbers. As a result, you tend to have more files with invalid names, leading to slow responses when in use. 

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  • Having Unresolved formulas 

When there is a sheet with a value less than 0, the cell is experiencing unresolved formulas. You can check the solution to this problem below. 

  • Creating a big spreadsheet 

A big spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel can slow down response time. This is because some users keep too much data in a single sheet. If you are already using a volatile function, adding a big spreadsheet isn’t a great decision for those who want a faster response. 

  • Using automatic calculations

Excel makes things simple. For instance, the automatic formula calculation will recalculate every input or change you make to the file. Although this helps, it can slow things down a lot. And that’s why people complain.

  • Failing to give the optimizing column their references

When you don’t provide the optimizing column their references, it can slow down excel. Also, when you use a formula such as VLOOKUP, it checks millions of records before calculating the variables collected, and the software will slow down.

Common ways to repair “Excel Running Slow.”

These are the suggested solutions if you are experiencing a severe drag when using Excel. You can try them one after another or think about the probable cause and try one of the methods in this section. 

  • Choose a manual calculation. 

When trying a slow excel fix, pause the automation instead of using the automated calculation. That way, Microsoft doesn’t recalculate formulas independently, and the file responds faster. 

To do this, select Formula, select calculation, then go to calculation Options. Then, change the calculation to manual

  • Remove the cells you’re not using 

Excel stores some cells you have deleted on its memory. To optimize the speed, you need to remove those range of cells (also known as the “Used Range.”)

Click on Ctrl + End. The cursor will go to where unused data is stored. Check those and delete the rows and columns you don’t need anymore. 

  • Don’t link to old files unless you need to

Linking to other files and formulas increases processing time. If you need to use another workbook, consider moving all the files to one location. 

  • Evaluate the formulas in use

Formulas take much time to process. So first, consider the Formula in action. 

  • Remove formulas from a cell that doesn’t need an update

If a cell’s Formula doesn’t need an update, then remove the Formula from such a cell. To do this, choose the cell where you don’t want Formula anymore, copy it. Next, enter Alt-E-S-V, the shortcut for Paste Value. 

  • Limit the range of cells where Formula applies

Instead of calculating entire columns and rows, limit it to a few. Here is an example: change your Formula from  =SUMIF(B:B, “Berries”, A:A) to =SUMIF(B3:B25, “Berries”, A3:A25), which is more specific using B3, B25, and A3, A25 instead.

  • Change Volatile functions 

The work of the volatile function is to recalculate every variable each time you change or make an input. You don’t want that because it will slow you down. If you have too many such functions, you should “save these cells as values.”

These are examples of the volatile function 

  • NOW()
  • TODAY()
  • OFFSET()
  • INFO()
  • CELL()
  • SUMIF()
  • Use software to repair Excel file

This is way easier and faster than you can set an alarm clock. It is the smartest way to save time and solve issues related to slow speed in excel. Let me explain how to do this. 

How to repair “Excel Running Slow” with Repairit

Repairit is one of the powerful tools out there that can fix errors in a quick time. So you don’t have to worry about losing files again. 

These are the steps if you want to use the software to repair Excel files:

  • Launch the software on your MacBook or window device 

Windows: Launch the software by double-clicking on the software. 

MacBook: double click on the software icon. You can use “finder” to locate if the icon isn’t on the homepage. 

  • Select the file and start the repair 

With the add button at the center, you can add your excel file. Select “repair,” and the process begins. 

  • Preview and save

Preview your file, then save it in a new folder. 

You have completed the repair process. As a result, you should experience be able to work on that excel file again.

Closing words

From waiting forever to working swiftly without any glitch, tampering with a few things can make Excel work faster. First, you need to know what causes Excel running low, and you can either handle it yourself or even faster if you use tools like Repairit. Then, do what effectively saves time, effort, and your files. 

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