How to Take Appropriate Measures for a Loveseat Cover?


After many months of planning, the next big risk is to keep it in good shape and charm for long if you have bought your loveseat after many months of planning. Over time, you may have to think of ways to hide the stains on it, avoid the possibility of a spill, and also protect your pricier possession from the attack of pets and kids, etc. For all these, considering a good quality cover is an ideal solution. By having a few basic measurements handy, you can get the best slipcover and offer a complete makeover to your old furniture in a budget-friendly manner.

Slipcover buying guide

Determining the right fit

It is important to determine the proper fit before getting on to buy loveseat covers. They need to fit the best to your seat mode as rounded arms, high back, winged cushions, etc. It requires some extra planning for you to get all these things right. There are two fundamental types of slipcovers out there:

  • One-piece cover sets which will cover the whole furniture at once. This makes it easier to install, remove, and these are also machine washable.
  • Separate sets loveseat cover, which will give you to cover all parts of the furniture separately. This will give a new look to your existing furniture. There is no need for you to reupholster the sofas if you cover them up with a good quality loveseat cover.

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Measuring the furniture for a slipcover

To get the most appropriate size slipcover for your loveseat, you need to know how to measure proper furniture cover measurements to get the best fit.

Your loveseat may have different uses as it may multiply as an extra bed when guests arrive, can be a hangout for your home movie nights or a simple place to relax. So, there is no surprise as to why slipcovers are so popular. To enjoy these benefits, you need to get proper measurements for the loveseat cover as well. Let us explore.

  • Start with measuring the widest part of your loveseat by starting from the arm’s outer edge at one side to the opposite side. Ensure that you start and end measurements at the outermost edge.
  • Measure depth of the cushions – Starting from one side of the loveseat, you need to measure the exact point was at the front side where the cushion meets the sofa back. If your old safe’s cushions are not equal in-depth, then ensure that you measure each of the cushions separately.
  • Measure optimum cushion width and while doing so, make sure that you measure from the outermost edge of the cushion’s left side to the outermost edge.
  • Measure the maximum width of the body of your loveseat. Beginning from the front of an arm, you may further measure through the point to the back of the eat, across the back, and to the front of the opposite sidearm.

Based on the slipcover model you plan to buy for your loveseat, you may also make some additional measurements and custom search for the ideal slipcovers.

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