How to Transition to Sustainable Choices in a Bathroom? 

Sustainable living is not a modern idea. It is an emotion of caring for the surroundings that protect you from any harm and supply your daily needs. However, becoming environmentally conscious is a process, which involves adopting healthy lifestyle choices over time. For example, you would want to pay attention to your consumption and buying habits. Or, more precisely, you will look for things that help save your planet through their eco-friendly features. Something that promotes recyclable materials or makes the best use of natural resources becomes the priority in your home. But if you are new to this, you may wonder which part of the home you should bring these changes to first.

While there is no established rule around it, your restroom can be the best place to embrace green products. If you have a small sink, your first concern would be to buy a single-hole sink fixture for bathrooms. It has to do more with your comfort and ergonomics. Nevertheless, you can make a difference in your choice by picking a recyclable material like a metal body. You can take the same thing to another level by finding a model that also helps save water, a precious natural resource for human and animal lives. So, it is one way of doing it.

Another way to create a substantial impact is to move to reusable and refillable packaging to produce less waste. Nowadays, you get plenty of biodegradable and organic materials, such as bamboo.  You can buy storage options made of bamboo. It can be your cabinet or as simple as your toothbrush. You may believe that glass and plastic bottles are reusable. Even if you dispose of them, they will go in recycling. While these are recyclable, some can go to the landfill due to the residual non-recyclable materials in them. Hence, again it may not serve your purpose. 

Does it confuse you what you should do then? Here are some easy tricks to enable you to go green without any worries.

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Bamboo toilet paper

You know how much toilet paper is essential. While it is a recyclable material, you can switch to a bamboo base to reduce the load on earth. Bamboo emits 30% less greenhouse gas compared to virgin wood used in papermaking. In addition, some stores offer a total plastic-free experience; thus, it can be another bonus. Alternatively, you can heavily cut down your toilet paper use by moving on to bidet toilet seats. These affordable options feature a nozzle and pressure control function for your cleaning needs. Some believe that it can reduce your toilet paper consumption by nearly 80%.

Reusable cosmetic products

Your bathroom may store hundreds of makeup products that help you stick to your beauty regime. Unfortunately, many cosmetic items contain harmful chemicals. You may be aware, but it can still be tempting not to discard them all at a time. While it is understandable, you can examine your makeup kit to figure out if you will mind swapping something out for a better thing.  For instance, you can think of makeup-removing wipes and sponges. You can switch to durable alternatives that you can wash and reuse. Some experts suggest using reusable bamboo rounds for this purpose. 

Organic bamboo materials don’t contain any fragrance. But they tend to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, which can be the best thing for your skin’s safety. Some women swear by muslin clothes too. However, if you want to stick to single-use wipes, buy products that quickly break down in a landfill. 

Natural silk floss

Everyone understands the significance of dental health and hygiene. That’s why floss and brush have become a daily routine to take care of the overall mouth. As pointed out already, bamboo brushes can replace plastic brushes. However, what can you do about plastic floss that you throw every day in the trash? An easy option can be natural silk floss. It can be biodegradable, free of harmful additives, such as colors, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Organic cotton swabs

Did you know that a non-profit agency found about eight million metric tons of plastic in the ocean last year? While it is a matter of concern, you will be even more surprised after learning that use and throw plastic-stemmed cotton swabs were also present in them. If you want to change, move to biodegradable options, something such as bamboo or paper sticks. When you shop for them, pay attention to the packaging also. Some can be partially, and some can be fully recyclable. It doesn’t need further mentioning as to which one of these two should get your preference.

Soaps and bars

You may not have thought about it but replacing shower gel and shampoo bottles for soaps and bars is intelligent. Plastic bottles create waste. So you can move to other solutions that come with eco-friendly packaging. For example, organic soaps and bars usually come in cardboard boxes. So opting for them is equal to taking another step towards protecting your planet. In fact, why remove only shampoo and shower gel bottles when you can take this approach for any such product that you use in the bathroom. You can consider handwash, for instance.

As a kid, you must have learned about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Unfortunately, many people don’t follow this in their life as they grow up. It is because of the habit by large. But these things have always been relevant regardless of the era. If you want to do something for your environment, control your consumption and buy fewer things. Every conscious decision like this has the potential to impact the world positively. 

Since you have many affordable alternatives also, it will not feel like a challenge. Still, it will be best if you gradually make a transition to the new way of life. Then, it will be more sustainable and beneficial. Otherwise, you may soon forget about your ultimate goal and gladly slip into the old things. And if you have kids, you can teach them these things by being an example.

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