How to use Share India’s Trading Software?

Share India has emerged as the flag bearer of transforming share market investments. It is now the largest financial institution that offers an array of financial products as well as financial services. Over the course of nearly three decades, it paved the way for itself to become a financial partner to its clients.The firm now has the reputation of being the best-in-class. It completely changed investors’ unique products and services, and it completely changed investors’ perception of share market investments. Its trading platform is no different.

Trading Platform in India

Before learning to use the Share India trading software, let’s look at the platform itself. We shall have a glance at the unique software system containing several useful options. Some exclusive features stand out, making it one of the best trading software packages available on the market. Here is a quick rundown of the prominent features.

  1. Modern trading platform: Share India’s trading platform derives its capabilities from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. So, the AI-ML-based trading at Share India offers a never-before-seen experience.
  2. Custom trading: Trading at Share India becomes pretty smooth as it provides the facility to create your own strategy. You can make personalised trading strategies using the various options present on the app.
  3. Filters and indicators: Find high-level scanning tools to segregate stocks or other securities based on a number of parameters. A variety of trading indicators and customisable charts are also there to help you analyse securities better. These tools will assist you while trading at Share India.
  4. Research reports: Share India offers a range of research reports on its trading software. They cover an in-depth analysis and experts’ insights into the financial market and individual assets.
  5. Market updates: The app brings you all the latest news and vital information about the market’s happenings. Notifications for key events keep you posted regularly. So you don’t overlook any information critical to your trading strategy.
  6. Data protection: Trading at Share India is 100% safe. The secure trading software ensures all your personal and financial data remains secure in encrypted form. Data stored on servers is encrypted with unique codes.

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Investing with Share India

Trading at Share India is easy. The software offers a simple user interface. So, one can conveniently trade from Share India’s trading platform. Here is a guide you can follow to start trading at Share India.

Step 1: Get the software or visit the online portal.

Trading at Share India can take place in two ways. You can either trade from the web-based platform or download the Share India trading app. The trading software is an AI-ML-based platform. It works on all web browsers. The app is also available for all kinds of platforms based on Android or iOS. You can visit the Share India website to get the links to both the web and app platforms.

Step 2: Register on the Platform

Now you will have to provide your personal and bank details to start the registration process. Provide your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number. You will receive a one-time password. Enter it to complete the registration.

Step 3: Establish your investment accounts.

If you have a demat account, you can proceed to open a trading account with Share India. Or else, open a demat account. Submit the details and scanned copies of your documents and easily open your demat and trading accounts. You will receive the login id and password via your registered email and phone number.

Step 4: Log in to the trading account.

Once your trading account is ready, log in using the credentials. Access the platform to start investing.

Step 5: Choose your assets

After logging in, you will find the complete list of stocks and other securities trading on different stock exchanges. Trading at Share India allows you to trade in all kinds of assets. Choose the securities, such as stocks, you want to purchase. Include the quantity of each security as well.

Step 6: Finish the payment

Now, make the payment using a suitable mode. Share India trading software accepts payments from all major payment methods like debit and credit cards, UPI, internet banking, etc.

Step 7: Confirm your purchase.

 After successful payment, click on Proceed. You will find an option to confirm or go back to order details. If you are okay with your order, click on confirm. Your order gets forwarded to the concerned stock exchange.

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