How To Write A Good Demand Letter After A Car Accident

A demand letter is provided to the insurance company by the at-fault driver after being involved in a car accident. It generally tells your story about how the accident occurred and the demand for compensation for the damages. Your demand letter needs to be strategic and professional when you demand compensation. 

Your attorney will help you to make a correct demand letter. If you are confused about preparing a demand letter, you can contact and take help from a Houston car accident attorney.

What to include in a good demand letter after a car accident.

To write a perfect demand letter, include the following important points to make it effective.

  • Attach medical records

Take copies of medical records and attach them to the demand letter. The victim’s medical records will illustrate their injury. The insurance company will also do discussions on the cause of the damage. The insurance company will always try to lower the claims, but your attorney will help you handle the process. Medical records will show the link between the accident and the victim’s injury; therefore, it is crucial to include them in the demand letter.

  • Include property damages

In Houston, the victim must prove that the accident caused property damages like medical records. They need to show the repair bill collected from the repair shop to establish proof. The insurance company often pays the property damage bill before any medical claims.

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  • Organize everything

A demand letter should always be well-organized. Group your bills into categories and make headings. Make it look as professional as it should be. Avoid exaggerating your injuries, and do not ask for more than you are entitled to because it can work against you. 

  • Seek help from professionals

Taking action against the insurance company can be frustrating and time-consuming. Attorneys who handle car accident cases write demand letters directly to insurance companies. They are experienced in their field and know what is correct or not. The victim may have to pay a fee to the attorney for this purpose, but some people find it useful because it reduces the hassle and maximizes the recovery.

Sample of a demand letter

One can understand how to write a perfect demand letter by looking at this sample.

21 June 2020

Mr. Robert Brown

Western Insurance

P.O. 472

Re: (subject)

Date of incident: 18th July 2020

File number: 123456AB

Dear Mr. Harper



  1. Provide every detail of your incident and conclude with a statement that the insured is liable.
  2. Include your copies and photographs of the mechanic’s estimation
  3. The victim can threaten the insurance company with dire statements like complaining to the state department or filing a claim in State Consumer Protection Act.

Thank you.

Yours truly

Ariana Smith

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